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50 Days of God Conversations Church Licence

Learn how to hear God’s voice with our 7-week eCourse!
Bringing biblical foundations and pastoral wisdom to this often misunderstood area of discipleship, Tania outlines God’s nature as a communicator and the all-important role of the Holy Spirit, as well as addressing the practical questions we face in recognising God’s voice today.
Age-old theological truths are brought into the 21st century in a way that is easy to apply.

50 Days of God Conversations Church Licences

Article: Researching People’s Experiences of Hearing God’s Voice

The Wacky, the Frightening and the Spectacular: Researching Our Experiences Hearing God’s Voice.

Article: So God Told You to Leave Your Husband?

God told me to leave my husband - God Conversations Christian ministry“So God told you to leave your husband?” “Yes” she answered, “He said I was released from my marriage.”

These are the kind of scenarios that cause pastors to wish they’d never taught their church members that God speaks. But this woman wasn’t using God as an excuse to get out of her marriage. She wasn’t looking for an escape hatch to find a younger model. This woman was a victim of domestic abuse. A marriage of ten years to a controlling and aggressive husband had left her fragile and broken. Her life was falling apart.

Was it God speaking to her?

So God told you to Leave Your Husband?

Podcast: Why We Started Thinking that God Stopped Talking

Does God Still Speak Today

But then I heard God speak. He spoke prophetically, miraculously and in ways that resembled the way he spoke in the Bible. That left me with a whole lot of questions.

How did my experience compare to the experience of the Bible writers? What authority did it have in my life? Is it okay to say ‘God told me’ as they did in the Scriptures? And what about those times when people claim to hear God’s voice, but then it doesn’t happen?

Does God Still Speak Today? Why We Started Thinking that God Stopped Talking

God Conversations for Children Pack

We believe that God speaks by his Spirit to children. As the scriptures tell us he poured out his Spirit on both the old and the young (Acts 2:17). Our desire is that whole families would be equipped to recognise and respond to God’s voice.

Included in the God Conversations for Children Pack is a lesson plan, activities and resources to use during the God Conversations ministry visit. The content is aimed at children aged 7-10 years and can comfortably be taught within a 35min program. Please feel free to adapt the content to best meet the age and needs of your children and the program length you are working with.

God Conversations for Children Pack

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