The Milestones and the Mistakes: Celebrating 8 Years of God Conversations!

Milestones and Mistakes - Tania Harris, God Conversations

The Milestones and the Mistakes: Celebrating 8 Years of God Conversations!

It’s hard to believe it’s been eight years since my ministry was officially launched – that’s four years part time and nearly four years full time since I left staff at Hillsong and careened off the faith-cliff into itinerating. God Conversations has come a long way from that very first seminar held at New Peninsula Baptist back in 2003, but oh, what a ride it has been (Wondering how it all started? Listen to our first podcast!)

Birthdays and anniversaries are always a great opportunity to reflect, so this past month I sat down to do just that. It’s so good to celebrate the milestones and thank God for all the achievements along the way. But sharing them with you felt like one of those notorious humble-brag posts, so I decided it would be lot more fun to talk about my biggest mistakes instead. You know, those hidden moments of embarrassment, the dreaded stabs of doubt and those shame-filled bouts of failure. As I said, much more fun…

Oddly enough, each one of those ghastly mistakes turned out to become a mighty step of progress (hmm, could be a lesson in that). So here they are, a little peak inside the internal journey of God Conversations with the all-time biggest mistakes milestones so far:

1. Oops! Got the Name Wrong

From the launch party of the “Awaken Your Dreams” ministry with my doomed website

2. Am I Crazy?

Kannenburgs, Freimut and I

My gracious German host pastors and leaders (who never knew about the startling panic moment of my first international gig)

3. Stop Looking at Me!


Some of my awesome video team who carried me through a major outbreak of self-consciousness

4. Argument with My Editor

Sorry, no photo for that one, but yes, we are still friends.

Of course, there are many more mistakes I could share with you, but these are the ones that stand out to me. Join with us in celebrating our happy birthday moment and send up a prayer of thanks to the One who started it all!


What has the ministry of God Conversations meant for you? We would love for you to take a moment to share your testimony here:

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