Hands Up if You Struggle with This!

Lately on my ministry trips, I have been doing some research. Highly scientific. Deeply thought through with very technical methodology.

I get up to speak, then I ask the congregation; “Hands up if you find it difficult hearing from God.”

Can you guess what the response is?

A staggering 90% plus of people in the congregation raise their hands. There are of course one or two exceptions, but mostly everyone kind of winces and looks empathetically at each other; You too?

For all you PhDs out there, that may not be the best way to reach the conclusion this is one of the most needy areas of discipleship in the church today. While one day I may get around to researching it properly, until then, that’s enough impetus to do something!

Some time ago the God Conversations Advisory Team was strategising over dinner about how best to meet this need. We decided to create a DVD series complete with Bible Study materials that could be used both individually and through small groups in a local church setting.

I am excited to say that after three years of planning, filming and editing, we are only six weeks away from launching The Other Side of the Conversation series on TV and in retail outlets in Australia and New Zealand!

Be the first to view the trailer here!

Tania Trailer Still Close Up Shot very small

Now, I need your help to get the word out.

Be part of the Launch Team! As a vital member, you will receive:

  • A complimentary copy of The Other Side of the Conversation boxed set (RRP: A$49.95)
  • 3 boxed sets at 30% discount to sell to friends and ministry leaders
  • Access to an invitation-only Facebook group.

After you have watched the series we need you to do three things:

  1. Write a review on Koorong.com
  2. Spread the word via social media
  3. Encourage others to get the series.

So, how about helping us spread the word and together let’s change that awful statistic! There are 25 places available on our Launch Team. Simply reply to this email with your postal address and a list of your ideas about how you can help in your circle of influence. I will then send you a Facebook invitation to the Launch group where we can share ideas.

Please pray that this resource will be used by God to reach millions across the world with the message that God wants to speak directly to them! Imagine a world where Christians are hearing from God regularly…what kind of a difference could that make?

Exciting days!


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