Listening in on the God Conversations of Others

Listening in on the God Conversations of Others

God wants to speak to each one of us.

Recently I did an interview with 89.9 Light FM in Melbourne. Our interview covered a range of questions; ‘Why this ministry? What does God sound like? How can we know it’s God?’ But a highlight was the calls that came in from listeners as they shared their own experiences.

One of my favourite God-conversation was from Bernadette:

“It was more a vision. I m quite a cynical person and I doubted whether people actually heard from God. But I was on a couch at a friend’s place just watching a movie and for some unknown reason I had a vision of a car accident. I’m thinking Why have I just seen this? and I started to pray. The feeling didn’t go away – I was really concerned about this accident I saw.

On my way home, I hesitated at an intersection which I normally wouldn’t do. I didn’t go when the light changed to green and a car went flying through a red light light right in front of me. I can’t doubt he speaks that he speaks in different ways. He saved our lives.”

800px-Japanese_car_accidentThere’s others too: Listen in here!

Episode 5 of The Other Side of the Conversation airs on Australian Christian Channel TV this week. The Sounds of God looks is a very practical episode that outlines the various ways God speaks to us. The DVD series for personal and individual study is also available at Koorong stores here.

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