Q and A with Hope FM

What does God sound like? What is the biggest barrier to hearing God’s voice? How does someone who didn’t believe women should be pastors end up becoming one?


These are some of the most common questions I’m asked about my ministry and hearing God’s voice. Dwayne Jeffries from Hope FM Sydney recently asked them during an interview on the Open House show. We also looked at:

  • Where my spiritual journey began
  • The times when hearing God’s voice was difficult to respond to
  • Whether there is always a verification to hearing God’s voice
  • How hearing God’s voice for the difficult things makes it easier to hear God’s voice on the good things
  • The difference hearing God’s voice has made in my life!

Listen to the interview here!

Testimony: Hello, it’s God Calling…

by Annette Spurr

I’m a self-confessed workaholic; mother of two boys, co-owner of a successful advertising agency and editor of Mum Daily. I don’t need to set an alarm in the morning because my boys bounce into our bed like clockwork at 5am and from that moment until they rest their little heads at night, I am never alone.


To find a quiet moment to read my Bible and reflect is nearly impossible. I find myself listening to the Bible on CD in my car on the way to appointments while the kids entertain themselves the back seat.

Yet I yearn to encounter God in a significant, personal way. So I asked God to give me a vision; something to let me know He was still there amongst the chaos.

That night I closed my eyes and I was transported to a large, beautiful city. It was golden and bright and…

My phone vibrated.

Wrenched from the scene before me, I… just… couldn’t… resist. After all, I’m a self-confessed workaholic.

‘Just a minute, God. I’ll be right with you.’ I muttered as I grabbed the phone.

Then I heard a gentle, patient voice… almost a whisper; ‘I have so much to show you… but you’re not ready.’

It was unmistakably God’s voice.

How did I know? Because had it been my own, it would have sounded more like; ‘For goodness’ sake, can’t you leave your phone alone for five minutes and pay attention?!’

But his voice was different. It was the voice of someone who had all the time in the world; who knew what I was capable of but wanted me to learn for myself. And despite my feeble efforts, he still spoke with the kindness of a father gathering his child into his arms after a tumble. His warmth lingered long after the vision disappeared.

I haven’t asked God for another vision yet. I want to be ready. And next time, I’ll turn my phone off first.

Annette Spurr, co-owner of a successful advertising agency; Blue Box Media and editor of MumDaily.com.au shared this after being encouraged to listen to God through the ministry of God Conversations.

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