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The Summer Podcast Playlist

Start the year by making hearing God’s voice a priority. Here are some of our best podcasts that will set you up for a year of favour and blessing!

Happy listening!

The Summer Podcast Playlist


Podcast #028 [1]

Hearing God for a New Year: Three Tough Questions

“It’s essential to remember that communication happens
in the context of a relationship.”


Podcast #06 [2] 

Is God’s Will a Narrow Path or a Freeway?

“How much influence does God have or should he have in our decision making?”

Podcast #027 [3]

Hearing God in the Global Chaos

“We are just humans who cry out to God when we hear the stories. So what is God saying to us?”

Podcast #032 [4]

Hearing God in the Big Decisions

“One of the most difficult times to hear God’s voice is when we’re in the throes of making a big decision…to the point where some say you shouldn’t even try to hear from God…”

Podcast #010 [5]

What to Do When God Speaks: An Interview with Ps. Melinda Dwight

“Our response to God’s voice is critical – both in terms of the consequences of our decision-making as well as our ongoing conversations with God.”

Podcast #038 [6]

How to Live Your Dream

“God has a purpose for each one of us, but it’s not a product of wishful thinking or misplaced illusions.”