Three Testimonies and an Invitation to Get Involved

Three Testimonies and an Invitation to Get Involved

In Christianity we talk a lot about having a personal relationship with God. The essence of God is love, so this is a real relationship, not a set of beliefs to know or a list of things to do. There can no relationship without communication and that makes the ability to hear God’s voice an essential to knowing God (Read ‘The God Life and How to Live It’).

It’s for this reason that the ministry of God Conversations exists. Our mission is to equip people to recognise and respond to God’s voice. Last month we celebrated our eight year anniversary and I shared some of the significant moments along the way. But the real highlights of this ministry are the times when people hear God’s voice for themselves.

Three Powerful Testimonies and What We Learn from Them


In this video I share three small, but wonderful testimonies from the Other Side of the Conversation Seminar (hosted by Forward Grace Church in the Netherlands) and what we learn from them:

  1. The power of obeying what God says
  2. Hearing God’s voice is for everybody – even those who feel uncomfortable!
  3. God’s willingness to provide confirmation to what we hear.

An Invitation to Get Involved

Today we’re inviting you to invest in the ministry of God Conversations! Tania is not on salaried staff at her church, so for the past 8 years the ministry has been made possible through church offerings and the generosity of Tania’s personal friends and the leadership team who have freely given their finance, advice and skills to build the ministry. As a leadership team, we now feel it is time in God to broaden the net and allow others to come on board. So this month we’re inviting you to invest in God Conversations! There are two ways to join our partnership team:

1. Sponsor a Project
Your giving will go to one of two projects. The first is Tania’s new book: God Conversations, that will be a flagship resource for the ministry. We are believing for it to impact thousands around the world! Our goal is AUD$6000 which will fund editing, design, production and distribution of the book.

The second project is a new radio program: God Conversations with Tania Harris that is planned to air this year across regional networks in Australia. Funding will cover studio, editing and production costs at approximately AUD$300 per month.

2. Monthly Sponsorship
The second option is to give to general ministry costs on a monthly basis at your discretion (eg. $10, 20 50 month).

Our heart is to receive your giving as an offering to God and to invest it wisely in reaching others with the message of a personal God. (The leadership team oversees the financial integrity of the ministry). We also ask that you prioritise your giving to the local church above our own. As a thank you from us, all regular sponsors and donations over $100 will receive Tania’s The Other Side of the Conversation DVD Course.

If you are unable to give financially, we would love your prayers for God’s continued hand of favour as we seek to equip people around the world to recognise and respond to God’s voice. We deeply value your support.

Click here to donate and become a financial partner with God Conversations!


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