Why do Some People Hear from God while Others Don’t?

Why do Some People Hear from God while Others Don’t?

Have you ever wondered why some people hear from God while others don’t?

This is the question I asked myself when I first came into contact with people who heard God’s voice more than I ever did. It seemed they had the hotline to God while my connection was always out of range. What was wrong with me? Was my spiritual life up to scratch? Were they somehow special? 

The question plagued me and ultimately led me on a journey to hear God’s voice for myself. Below is the answer I found. If you’ve ever asked this question, watching this 2-minute video will encourage you:

Use this webisode as a conversation starter in your small groups: 

READ: John 5:37-40 and Ephesians 1:18

CONNECT: Why do you think some people hear from God, while others do not?

THINK: The Pharisees were the spiritual leaders of Jesus’ day. How is it possible that the Pharisees who faithfully studied the Scriptures and tried to follow all the rules had never heard God’s voice? 

APPLY: Practically what does it mean for the ‘eyes of your heart’ to be open?

We’d love to hear your thoughts to these questions at the blog!

DVD-Series-image_Page_1 (Duplicate)This excerpt is from The Other Side of the Conversation Series shown on both the Australian Christian Channel and Shine TV in New Zealand. The series is available as a boxed set including DVD and guidebook, at Koorong (Aust), Manna bookstores (NZ) and at godconversations.com.

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It’s ironic that the same thought I had as a 21 year old as to why I didn’t hear from God while others did, was directed back at me years later. If you ever find yourself thinking, “I don’t hear like you do, this podcast will encourage you! Listen to “I Don’t Hear From God Like You Do!”

Praying that God’s voice will be clearer than ever for you this week!

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