Wising Up! Hearing God for 2016

Want to position yourself to hear God’s voice more clearly in 2016? Here at the blog we are kicking off the new year with some practical wisdom for hearing God’s voice. Today is the first in a three-part series called “Wising Up.” It answers the most commonly asked questions I receive as I talk to people in churches across the world. This one’s about hearing God’s voice in the big decisions you may face in your life this year; a job, a relationship, perhaps a financial or health issue. It will take you about 10 minutes to watch, so grab a tea or coffee, have a listen and let’s make it our aim to wise up in 2016!

(PS. Our apologies for the poor focus on the screen!)


Love to hear your thoughts on this teaching here!

  • Gary M

    Do you believe that God speaks to you? If so, how can you be sure the voice you hear is God and not just…you? I strongly suggest that you watch this short video on this subject:


    • Hi Gary, thanks for your recommendations. Do you believe in absolute truth?

      • Gary M

        How about you answer my questions first, then I will be happy to answer yours.

        • I have no qualms about the reality of spiritual experience. My question relates to their source, hence my question to you.

          • Gary M

            I am not questioning the reality of the spiritual world. I am simply asking how it is that you are able to determine that the voice which you believe speaks to you in your head is your god (Jesus) and not another god or simply yourself speaking to yourself.

          • Great questions Gary. Actually the same ones I have asked myself all through my life – and ones I’m focussing on in my doctoral work! I’m a natural skeptic and I would agree with you that much of our experience could be explained away as intuition or talking to yourself. In my own journey, it’s the experiences that have happened outside of my framework that have alerted me to Someone beyond myself. The voice that calls me to do things I wouldn’t naturally do, that provides me with information that I wouldn’t naturally know; that sort of thing. And then the impact that it has had in setting me free. It’s been deeply personal and also consistent with the attributes of how God has revealed himself in Jesus.

          • Gary M

            Hi Tania. Thank you for your response.

            “…experiences that have happened outside of my framework that have alerted me to Someone beyond myself. The voice that calls me to do things I wouldn’t naturally do, that provides me with information that I wouldn’t naturally know; that sort of thing. ”

            Are you saying that you receive secret information that one could only know by divine revelation? Could you give me an example? I would be curious as to whether or not these experiences can be explained by random chance or not. For instance, if someone in your head (heart) told you in advance that a massive earthquake would strike a specific location on specific date at a specific time and the event happened exactly as you predicted, that would be excellent evidence for divine revelation. Random chance cannot explain such accuracy. But I’ve never heard Christians give an example like that. Rather, they give an example of a rare, but naturally possible event. Very rare but naturally possible events are examples such as being dealt pocket aces three times in a row playing Texas Hold’em Poker or shooting two holes in one on a pro-tour golf course. Just because you prayed that these events might happen, does not mean that a god (magically) made them come to pass. It may have simply been random chance. This is especially true if you are a Christian who prays before doing EVERYTHING. If you are, then the fact that occasionally very rare events occur after you have prayed for them is not impressive evidence at all. Even atheists experience such rare events. Animals experience such rare events. Do you see my point?

          • Hi Gary, absolutely I see your point. I have plenty of examples, but most are quite personal (my new book describes a lot of them). For me, that was really important because I had heard God was one who was personal, not just ‘cosmic’. Looking back, some of them could perhaps be explained but definitely not all. I shy away a little from using them as ‘proof’, evidence maybe yes, but they were so much more than that since they touched me deeply and changed me from the inside out. Hard to describe the impact in so few words… it’s why I wrote it down :-)

          • Gary M

            The problem is, Tania, that there are plenty of books written by Muslims, Hindus, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Wiccans, and atheists who can all describe similar dramatic experiences. We all have had them. Unless you can provide an example of an incident that absolutely could not have possibly been a coincidence, the odds are that the voice you hear speaking to you is…you. Believing that it is someone else; especially someone else who has infinite magical powers can be very comforting, but if it is not real, should you believe it, and more importantly, should you be teaching other people to believe it?

            I have a challenge for you, Tania. Ask the voice in your head to prove his reality. In the privacy of your own home, with no one else present, ask the voice to lift your coffee table five feet off of the floor and suspend it there in mid-air for 60 seconds. If the voice you hear has the power to create the universe, levitating a coffee table can’t be that much of a bother. I’m serious. Try it.

            If your “friend” does not levitate the coffee table for you to confirm his existence, I suggest that you accept the fact that he does not really exist. He is a figment of your imagination. You are talking to yourself. All the “miracles” you have experienced are simply rare, but natural coincidences. You have created an imaginary friend.

            Step into the light of reason and science, Tania, and out of the darkness of ancient superstitions; superstitions filled with capricious ghosts, devils, and gods…and imaginary friends.

          • Hey Gary, I think you may have already settled on the answer to your questions before you asked me.

          • Gary M

            Sure I have a position on these issues. I wasn’t coming to you for counseling. If that is what you thought, I apologize for not being more clear. I am here to dialogue with you and to challenge you to really think about your belief system. I believe that supernatural superstitions are dangerous, even deadly. Our world would be much better off if everyone based their reality on reason, science, and objective evidence.

          • Hi Gary, I’m always happy to be challenged and enjoy dialogue with those who are open to learning. :-) “Dangerous” and “deadly” has not been the experience of either myself or those I interact with on a daily basis. It’s also important to understand that an epistemological approach to spiritual experience does not discount one for reason, science and objective evidence. Blessings on your journey!

          • Gary M

            Enlightenment upon yours, Tania.

  • greg litfin

    ihear you on vision radio67.6

    • Tania Harris

      That’s great Greg – I hope they encourage you!

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