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(045) Dreams and Visions in Africa with Anna Droll

If you have a God-dream in the African church, no-one thinks you’re unusual. Hearing God’s voice in dreams is common in this part of the world. Some churches even have a resident dream interpreter who offers counsel to congregation members! What can we learn from the African church where Christianity is growing at a rapid rate and where hearing the voice of the Spirit in dreams is a regular occurrence?

On the show this week, we’re talking to a friend of mine and a fellow PhD student, Anna Droll. Anna is an ordained minister with the American Assemblies of God and founder of Kairos Global Missions [1]. Her ministry is focused in Africa and she is an adjunct professor at Southeastern University and Northwest University. She is also a woman who is passionate about prayer and healing, has a heart of compassion for everyone she meets and offers some profound insights into this interesting and important area of spirituality.

In this podcast, we talk about:



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