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Podcast Library

(047) What is God Saying in the Midst of my Pain?04-09-2018
(046) How to Handle Money, Sex and Power06-08-2018
(045) Dreams and Visions in Africa with Anna Droll08-07-2018
(044) The God Life and How to Live it28-05-2018
(043) The Big Story: Why Creation-Science Debates are Missing the Point30-04-2018
(042) The Theology of Chocolate – How our twisted ideas turned God into a Killjoy26-03-2018
(041) Can Anyone (inc. Non-Christians) Hear God’s Voice? with Dr. Amos Yong24-02-2018
(040) The God Conversations of Christmas: What if Joseph had dismissed his dream as just the spicy pizza?”03-12-2017
(039) How this Book on Hearing God’s Voice is Different07-11-2017
(038) How to Live Your Dream30-09-2017
(037) The Jesus Way to Fight Terrorism01-08-2017
(036) How to Get Better at Hearing God’s Voice06-06-2017
(035) How to do Friendship with the Opposite Sex25-04-2017
(034) God Knows Your Password with Prof. Mark Cartledge07-03-2017
(033) How to Know the Will of God28-11-2016
(032) Hearing God in the Big Decisions30-08-2016
(031) Does God Still Speak Today? | Why We Started Thinking that God Stopped Talking03-08-2016
(030) How to Hear God’s Voice When You’re Too Busy21-06-2016
(029) Hearing God for Mr or Mrs Right11-04-2016
(028) Hearing God for a New Year: Three Tough Questions02-03-2016
(027) Hearing God in the Global Chaos26-01-2016
(026) Why God Speaks in Dreams and Visions20-10-2015
(025) How to Hear God’s Voice as a Married Couple22-09-2015
(024) How to Do the God-Life with David McCracken18-08-2015
(023) A Vision for the 21stC Christian Woman12-08-2015
(022) How it Feels to be a Woman in Ministry (Part 2)17-02-2015
(021) The Easy Way to Hear God’s Voice21-01-2015
(020) How to Understand the Book of Revelation – 5. Testing and Response10-12-2014
(019) How to Understand the Book of Revelation – 4. More Symbols26-11-2014
(018) How to Understand the Book of Revelation – 3. The Symbols12-11-2014
(017) How to Understand Revelation – 2. Emotions and Interpreting Symbols21-10-2014
(016) How to Understand Revelation – 1. The Setting07-10-2014
(015) What Does God Sound Like? Light FM Listeners Share their Stories05-08-2014
(014) Is it OK to Say ‘God Told Me’?22-07-2014
(013) How it Feels to be a Woman in Ministry (Part 1)08-07-2014
(012) God Conversations for those who can’t Sit Cross-legged for 5 Hours on a Mountaintop18-06-2014
(011) Acts 2:17. Did We Get This Scripture Wrong?03-06-2014
(010) What to Do When God Speaks: An Interview with Ps. Melinda Dwight20-05-2014
(09) How Often Should You Expect God to Speak to You?29-04-2014
(08) Are Women Better at Hearing God’s Voice? A Conversation with Ps Peter Wallis09-04-2014
(07) Is it Okay to Ask God for a Sign?04-03-2014
(06) Is God’s Will a Narrow Path or a 6-Lane Freeway?18-02-2014
(05) When God Tells You to Move with Ps Bjorn Schaefer04-02-2014
(04) I Don’t Hear from God Like You Do (Part 2)21-01-2014
(03) “I Don’t Hear from God Like You Do”07-01-2014
(02) A Christmas Message – Mary and God in Conversation18-12-2013
(01) If God Said it, Will it Always Happen?03-12-2013

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