How to Hear God’s Voice

In Christianity we talk a lot about having a personal relationship with God, but genuine relationship is impossible without a two-way conversation. In order to know God for yourself, you need to hear God’s voice.

Since the beginning of time, God has been a communicating being. When we choose to follow him, God gives us the Holy Spirit who speaks to us wherever we are. Jesus promised that his people would be able to recognise his voice, and having recognised it we could follow (John 10:27).

How to hear God's voice

Four Steps to Hearing God’s Voice

Our free e-Guide provides four key steps to hearing God’s voice. Here’s a quick overview:

1. Start a Conversation

Hearing God’s voice starts with the expectation that God can and will speak to us. He sent his Holy Spirit for that very purpose (Acts 2:16,17). The starting point for hearing God’s voice is to understand God’s heart for communication, then in faith, start the conversation by asking him to speak and positioning your heart to listen.

2. Hear the Sound

The Holy Spirit speaks to us in a spiritual voice that we learn to recognise as we get to know the kinds of things God says and the kind of person God is. It comes as words, pictures and sometimes via another person through prophecy. You don’t need to force God to speak – the initiative lies with him. The key is learning to recognise it when it comes.

3. Recognise the Voice

The trickiest part of having a God-conversation is learning to recognise his voice among the others that we hear. Our hearing is flawed by our own agendas and mindsets – that’s why testing our experiences is so important (1 John 4:1). Everything God says will be true to his character as revealed in Jesus (Hebrews 1:1-2). The starting point for recognising God’s voice is getting to know the character of God through the Scriptures. 

4. Respond in Faith

Everything God says is for our good – it results in blessing and transformation not only for us, but for others. That’s why it’s so important to do what he says (John 14:21). When we respond, he can continue the conversation…

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Resources to Help you Hear God’s Voice

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