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The ministry of God Conversations caters for young and old; men and women – anyone who is hungry to hear from God – and can be hosted by local churches, Bible Colleges, youth groups or para-church organisations of all denominations.

Our goal is to equip ‘the saints for the work of the ministry’, as per Ephesians 4:12 and from there to reach spiritual seekers. Rather than hearing God’s voice for others, the aim is to provide training for every person to hear God’s voice for themselves.

Tania speaks at churches, conferences and events across the world adapting the message of God-Conversations to her audience.

God Conversations Seminars

Equip your church or group to recognise God’s voice by hosting a God Conversations Seminar! Each seminar is based on biblical principles, emphasises the role of local church communities and allows for practical application in small groups.

They can be delivered as a half-day workshop, adapted to an evening session or conference format or as an intensive subject in a ministry training setting. Guidebooks and promotional materials are all provided.

For Churches
Pastor Tania Harris, founder and director of God Conversations, speaks at churches, conferences and youth events adapting the ministry to a variety of formats. The goal is to equip every person to hear God’s voice for themselves. Two tailor-made seminars are available as half-day or evening events: The Other Side of the Conversation (how to hear from God) and Awaken Your Dreams (how to hear from God though dreams and visions). Read more.

For Leadership
A foundational component of the ministry is to facilitate hearing God experiences within the accountability and safety of the local church. Using the findings of her doctoral studies and extensive experience ministering in this area, Tania works with leadership teams to build a culture where all members are experiencing God’s voice in a way that is both theologically orthodox and pastorally safe (Read More).

For Ministry Trainees
The teaching of God Conversations is available as a short course or higher education subject in a ministry training setting. As an experienced educator and qualified at Masters level, Tania is able to tailor the material to meet accreditation requirements at tertiary students.

For Women
While the teaching on hearing God’s voice is central to the discipleship of both genders, this area focusses on the ministry needs of women in particular. Tania draws on her unique leadership journey to speak to women, inspiring and encouraging them to be fully released into their gifts and callings (Read more).

For Men
While God’s heart was for both men and women made in his image to steward the planet and represent his heart together, human rebellion has led to power struggles and gender inequalities both in the church and in our communities. Tania speaks to men about how they can help to meet raise up the women who are called to stand beside them in building the kingdom (Read more).

For Singles
With singles now forming half our church populations, there is a growing call to minister to the specific needs encountered in this season of life. Tania speaks about how to flourish in every season of life and how to fulfil God’s call regardless of marital status (Read more).

For the Community
As an experienced pastor and leader, Tania speaks on issues of personal development, applying the wisdom of her own spiritual journey to community contexts in an informed and relevant way.

Bookings are currently being accepted for 2018 and 2019: Check Tania’s itinerary and enquire here!

1. God Conversations

This seminar equips participants to recognise the voice of God in all his forms of communication.

It includes the biblical foundations for God’s plan of communication to his people through the Holy Spirit, an overview of the various ways that God speaks as well as practical teaching on how to discern the voice of God.

2. Awaken Your Dreams

This seminar equips you to recognise the voice of God through dreams and visions.

It includes theological teaching for hearing God’s voice in this way, a framework for interpreting dreams and guidelines for recognising a God-dream. If your church or group is relatively new to this area, we recommend you host The God Conversations Seminar first.

3. Awaken Your Dreams (Community)

This seminar is designed for spiritual seekers in your community.

Participants learn about the nature of dreams, how to interpret their dreams and consider the possibility that God may be communicating through them. This seminar is most effective when your church has already participated in an Awaken Your Dreams Seminar.


“We talked about the seminar all the way home. You presented it in such a clear, Biblically based way that made it easy for people to grab hold of. We know there is more to be obtained now!”
Michelle, Oxford, UK

“It works! I heard the voice of God!”
Karl, Te Puke, New Zealand

“I found the dreams seminar just awesome. I’ve only been a Christian four years and I always thought I couldn’t hear God; now I realise I can. Thank you!”
Alena, Germany

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