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Tania on Daystar TV – USA

Pastor and author, Tania Harris shares how we can learn to hear from God in our everyday life.

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Forget the Rules: Prayer is About a Relationship

There’s a myth about prayer that stops many people from talking to God—and it takes a few different forms. Listen as Tania chats to Clare Bruce, from Hope 103.2, about prayer and how nobody is unqualified to pray.

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Light FM Melbourne: In Conversation with Lucy

Lucy asks Tania, what do you do when you can’t hear God’s voice and does God speak to those who don’t know him? Click to listen to the a great interview with Lucy Holmes Bailey about Tania’s new release book, God Conversations.

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Hope FM Sydney with Katrina Roe

The Bible is full of stories of God speaking to people – through dreams, visions, angelic visitations, even a burning bush. But does it still happen today? Pastor and author Tania Harris says yes – God is the same now as he always was, and wants to speak to us all. Listen to her talking with Katrina Roe on Hope FM about how her latest books shows you how to recognise and respond to God’s voice.

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Hearing God’s Voice with Premier Radio UK

Straight off the plane, Tania dropped into the Premier studio to talk to Maria Rodrigues about hearing God’s voice and her new book ‘God Conversations’.

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Daily Radio Show: God Conversations with Tania Harris

Tune in daily to Australia’s Vision Radio and UCB 2 UK (9-10am) to hear Tania talk about a range of everyday topics. From leadership issues such as “Growing Pains” to practical topics such as “How to do Friendship with the Opposite Sex” spiritual issues such as: “When God is Silent” and current affairs such as “Jesus vs the Terrorist”, Tania discusses what the Spirit is saying in light of Jesus’ teachings.

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Eternity News: Is God Speaking to You?

“I used to argue with God a lot more in the early days. I was aware that I could say no, but I didn’t want to, because I felt like if I did I’d lose something of the favour of God if I did. I think there are consequences to our no’s. God doesn’t love us any less, but if he asks us to do something there are really good reasons why. I never say no. But I might argue about it for a while.” Read Eternity News’ interview with founder Tania Harris

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In the Godzone with Paul D Johnson

“I’m now going to be doing things that I don’t have the money to do. I’m going to be giving when I feel like taking,  serving when I feel like being served and stepping back when God is calling me forward. This is really at the core of hearing God…” Listen to Tania as she talks with kindred spirit Paul D. Johnson on the Godzone Show about hearing God’s voice, her new book and what she’s learnt in my doctoral research about how often God speaks.

How One Terrifying Prayer Started my Conversations with God

Tania shares on Premier UK’s blog how she learnt to have her own God conversations rather than living off the God conversations of others

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Keys to a God-Conversation

Watch Cathy Jenke from Star Radio and Tania chat about how being a part of community creates safety when we hear God’s voice.


Sydney Morning Herald: The Two of Us

An article in Sydney’s flagship newspaper about the power of covenant friendship.

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LightFM Tania Harris
The Easy Way to Hear God’s Voice

Listen to Tania talk with Clayton Bjelan at 89.9 LightFM Melbourne about the release of her eBook: “The Easy Way to Hear God’s Voice”

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The Pentecostal Church Movement

Tania joined John Capper and Lynn Moresi to discuss the theology of faith and experience in Australian Pentecostal churches on Sunday Night at ABC Radio hosted by John Cleary.


God Adventures with Tania
A short profile of Tania’s journey into ministry in MICI Magazine, p.49
Life, Love and Valentines Day

Tania talks with Karen Hunt on the Morning Cafe Show about her journey into ministry and how to thrive in the season you’re in by choosing the relationships in your inner circle.


The God Conversations Journey

Hear Tania talk about the God Conversations journey and her new TV series July 2013 with Matt and Karen on The Journey Brekky show, Vision Radio

“In Conversation with Clayton’ on 89.9 LIGHT FM Melbourne – our favourite is the near miss car accident!


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