As an experienced pastor and leader, Tania is also available to speak to community groups on issues of personal development and success.

Tania draws on the wisdom of her own spiritual journey and applies it to corporate and community settings in an informed and relevant way.

Topics include:

1. Awaken Your Dreams

One of the most important components of leadership is the ability to lead oneself. Our dreams often reveal important components of our own development. Understanding them can be like having your own therapist. In this presentation, learn about:

  • The significance of dreams throughout history
  • The potential of dreams as a tool for understanding ourselves
  • A basic guide to understand symbolism in dreams

2. Inside Story: Success from the Inside Out

When we think about how to find success, we often look to how to change the external circumstances. Yet the most powerful changes occur when we change ourselves. In this presentation, we examine

  • The significance of your personal story
  • The nature of blind spots
  • The importance of safety and accountability
  • How to learn from your mistakes

3. Faith Made Me a Feminist – the Journey to Gender Equality

With the push for gender equality and the transitions faced in all areas of society comes a mire of attitudes and behaviours that can be challenging for women. How do we negotiate sexism in the workplace? In this presentation, we will uncover:

  • The importance of establishing your own identity
  • Overcoming women’s own misogynistic identities
  • How to actively lead the process
  • Clarifying the vision of gender equality

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