Pastors and Leaders Group Training

Equip Your Church to Recognise and Respond to God’s Voice

Thinking about implementing 50 Days of God Conversations in your church? Start with a Pastors Small Group!

Jesus sent his Spirit to be his continuing voice on the earth. Every time the Spirit spoke in the early church, disciples were formed, miracles happened and God’s mission was fulfilled. God is still speaking by his Spirit today. The experience of hearing God’s voice lies at the centre of discipleship and belongs in the accountability and safety of the local church. So, how do we build churches who hears God’s voice?

Research shows that when we are intentional about creating Spirit-led communities, God’s voice is heard more often. We cannot make God speak nor make people listen, but we can create cultures where people come with faith and readiness to respond to the Spirit’s call. This is our responsibility as pastors and leaders. As we “plant” and “water the seed,” God can then make it grow (1 Corinthians 3:6-7).

Building this kind of environment starts with leadership. The God Conversations Pastors and Leaders Group Training equips senior leaders to build church cultures that facilitate Spirit-led discipleship using the 50 Days of God Conversations tool (although it can be used without it). The groups are held on Zoom for 7 weeks periodically through the year. Hosted by Tania Harris, participants complete the God Conversations online course during the week and meet for one-hour for 7 weeks for reflection and application. Groups are capped at 12 leaders to maximise peer-to-peer interaction. You can organise a group of your own leaders or join an existing one (by application).


Registration (A$99 pp) includes:

  • The Church who Hears God’s Voice book and postage ($40 value)
  • God Conversations Course registration and Study Guide ($35 value)
  • Weekly training on Zoom
  • The Church who Hears God’s Voice Leaders eGuide

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God Conversations