COVID 19: Now is the Time to Reset Our Lives

When the COVID pandemic first began, I read a meme on social media. The earth was speaking to humanity, “Now go to your room and think about what you’ve done.” At a time of lockdown, I cannot help thinking how true that is. 

We haven’t stewarded our planet well. We’re guilty of exploiting our natural resources and shunning sustainable practises. The earth needs a rest. This is why in the time of Ancient Israel, God instituted a sabbatical year. Every seven years, the land would be left to life in fallow so that the soil could replenish ready for the next crop.

Right now, our planet is enjoying the rest. People in Venice can see fish in the canals because the water is so clear. The sky is becoming blue across major world cities. People say they can hear birds singing now that the hubbub of noise has died down. The earth is resetting itself.

When I think of the earth, I’m reminded about our own lives. This is the perfect opportunity to reset – to consider how we are living. The most common complaint in our day is that we’re too busy. We’ve got so much to do. The traffic is crazy. We’re so stressed. We are like that hamster on the wheel running around and around with so much momentum that we can’t stop.

But now we have to “go to our rooms.” We’ve been locked down. Planes are grounded. Transport is at a halt. Many of us can’t go to work. Everything has slowed down. 

It’s a worldwide crisis, but it’s also an incredible opportunity. This is a chance to reset our lives. It’s a time when we can be reminded of our true priorities. To ask, where does God fit into my life? How am I prioritising my family and friends? What is the Spirit speaking to me about? The psalmist says “Be still and know that he is God” (46:10).

A time of crisis is always an opportunity to reset. Psychologists tell us that human habits are extremely difficult to change. Our human nature loves routine and comfort. We need a good reason to change our habits. And now, we have it!

Don’t miss the new thing that God wants to do in your life. Use this time to get back to basics. Ask God to reset your priorities, to replenish your spiritual life and build the relationships between your friends and family. God wants us to see blue skies and enjoy clear waters. He wants us to hear the birds sing. He wants to give the soil of our hearts a chance to rest and replenish. He wants to reset our life so that when the crisis is over, we can live a life that flourishes more than it ever has before.

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