Learn how to Hear God’s Voice Online: A Review

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Learn how to Hear God’s Voice Online: A Review

Guest post by Joni Leimgruber

Having a conversation with God involves more than just talking. It involves listening and the ability to understand His voice, just like we would if we were talking to another person. It’s an informal interchange of thoughts and information. Interesting, that we’d be able to do this – casually interchange thoughts and information – with the God of the universe. Slightly intimidating, right?

I’m a writer, so words are among my very favourite things. Long words and short words, all fitting neatly into sentences. But God’s words? The ones He (apparently) speaks to us every day? I’ve always struggled with those words, to hear them, know them and trust them. How do I even know if it’s Him? What if I’m wrong? And what does He actually mean? By the time I get to this point I’m in a jumble of confusion and the original words are lost.

A Desire to Learn

I’ve always spoken to God – about my problems, my ideas, my questions and as you can imagine, it got pretty me-centric. 2018 began with the decision to consciously learn how to communicate with God better. More specifically, how to hear from Him. I’d heard Tania Harris speak at a conference and her simplified approach to communicating with God resonated with me – and so I embarked on the six week God Conversations eCourse.

“So God really does want to openly, honestly and constantly communicate with us!” I wrote in my journal after Session #1. After all these years of following and loving God, I had finally realised this. “I’m the one who runs from Him when I stuff up or feel ashamed. I’m more worried about my mistakes than He is. He’s not afraid of my sin – He conquered my sin!”

Ok, so I’m no theologian and it may seem obvious to others, but learning that God wants to always be talking to me – not only listening – was mind blowing. And that He isn’t the one who goes silent when I make mistakes? This opened up a whole new level of relationship between God and I.

A Space for Conversation

The God Conversations eCourse simplifies the process of communicating with God in a really easy to follow format. I enjoyed sitting down with a cup of tea and my journal and pen, ready to watch the video and talk with God about what I’d learnt in each session. It became my quiet, reflective space. I’d sit and watch the clip then ponder, write and (yes!) have a conversation with God.

Each module is centred around the Bible and its truths. This course isn’t saying anything new – it’s explaining age-old truths in a simple format. Rather than using the age-old explanations, Tania takes the time to explain things. It’s basically like having coffee with a (really wise!) friend and having her answer all your questions about having conversations with God. Far from intimidating, God Conversations is easy, fun and approachable.

So if you’d like this to be the year you begin the journey of having deeper, more satisfying conversations with God, and if you want to start hearing God’s voice more clearly, I’d recommend the God Conversations eCourse. At the risk of sounding way too corny – it’s one of those resources which can change your life. It has for me, and I’m sure it will for you.

Joni Leimgruber writes to encourage and inspire. She is passionate about people and the stories behind their stories. After all, this is the place where grace is found.

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