A Lesson in Hearing God’s Voice from the Meerkat

A Lesson in Hearing God’s Voice from the Meerkat

If the Bible were being written today, the message of the prophet Habbakuk could well have been illustrated by the behaviour of one of my favourite animals. Watch this short clip to see what I mean:

Those of us who are more familiar with David Attenborough’s wildlife documentaries than the activities of watchmen in the first millennia BC, may relate more easily to the habits of this lowly creature found in Southern Africa.

The behaviour of the meerkat reminds us of the attitude we need to adopt to hear God’s voice… There they stand with their straight backs and keen eyes, looking and listening for any sound to alert them. For meerkats, the act of watching alerts them to attacks from prey. For us, the sound is from heaven, alerting us to God’s heart.

Like a meerkat at her burrow, I will listen for God to speak. 

For the watchmen standing on the city walls in the days of the prophet Habakkuk, the sound was in the form of a messenger on horseback. A puff of dust, the tremor of thudding hooves; a glimmer of movement across the horizon. The watchman would stand high above the city looking for a rider who would bring news of great import. The watchman could never falter in his duty, as the safety of the kingdom was at stake.

It’s this same posture God calls us to as we listen for his voice. When I wake up in the morning, What is God saying to me? When I drive to work, Lord speak to me. When I’m standing in church, What is on your heart for me today?

I will station myself on the city wall looking for a messenger to arrive.

I will stand like a meerkat watching for any threat to the safety of my mongoose family.

I will sit like a teenager waiting for my friend’s text message to come.

I will wait like a overworked employee longing for the clock to strike five on Friday.

I will watch to see what God will say to me. (Habbakuk 2:1)

How do you listen for God’s voice? Any pointers that have helped you? Share your thoughts below:


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