The Meaning of Vehicles in Dreams

The Meaning of Vehicles in Dreams

Vehicles frequently appear in our dreams. They may be a car, train, bus, bicycle or some other mode of transport. But what do vehicles in dreams mean? As vehicles, they take us from one destination to another and therefore usually symbolize our job, career or some important pursuit. If a vehicle appears in your dream, Ask, what kind of vehicle is it? Are there others with you in the vehicle? How fast or slow is it moving? What condition is it in and importantly, who is driving it? Below an example of a God-dream where the symbol of a vehicle was key to understanding the meaning of the dream:

How a Dream of a Bus Signalled a Job Change

The M2 motorway was its usual frantic pace that morning – cars backed up like dominos; sleepy drivers with dead-pan faces staring at the bumper bar in front of them. I smile at the queues, feeling twinges of guilty smugness as I speed freely past them in the opposite direction. It’s a long trip from inner Sydney to the Hills district, but I don’t mind. Driving to work gives me time to prepare myself for the day. It’s the beginning of a new year and I have much to think about.

Your job is about to change. I say to myself over and over, processing it like a slow eater savouring a meal. Your. job. is. about. to. change.

I’ve been working as the Academic Dean at Hillsong College for nearly four years now. Weekly lectures, course design and myriads of paperwork consume my days. It is hard to imagine anything different. The race had been on to keep up with the burgeoning student numbers and I had loved the challenge. But lately things were settling around me and I could sense the itch of change.

My mind replays the short, but vivid dream I had just after Christmas. I had seen myself travelling on a bus. I had fallen asleep and when I woke up, I was on a train. We had changed vehicles. 

I know the dream is from God. It had that clarity and distinctiveness peculiar to God-given dreams. This one needed interpretation as so many dreams do, but the interpretation wasn’t difficult. Vehicles move you along in life, so they often symbolise careers, jobs or ministries. In the dream, there’d been a change from a bus to a train. Realisation dawned in the morning light.

My job was about to change.

A Change in Vehicles

It takes little time to find a car-park when I arrive at the campus 45 minutes later – most staff are still on holidays. On my desk are remnants of the previous year; a few stray assignments; some old timetables and forms. I check my diary. College is out for two more weeks. I love this time of the year: plenty of time for catch-up coffees and getting odd jobs done. My day is a quiet one: meeting-free apart from an appointment with my boss at 3pm.

My boss’s office next to mine is familiar to me as my lounge room at home after so many hours spent there drafting policies and discussing plans. That afternoon we sit at the large oval table, drinking coffee and chatting about the holidays. Eventually the conversation turns to the vision for the New Year. As part of our ongoing development, we are restructuring the College. My boss slides a sheet of paper across the table. Coloured boxes and arrows point in different directions across the page. A new organisational chart.

“We need to make changes to your role,” he says gently, touching his silvery beard with his thumb. “It’s a new stage in the life of our college and we need to prepare for it.”

We talk through the big picture. The details will become clearer as we go. I listen silently, looking into my coffee cup; finally digesting the information that I’ve been chewing on the previous few days.

Eventually he stands, signalling the meeting is over. He opens the office door for me and looks up briefly; “I don’t know; it’s like we were on a bus; but now we’ve changed vehicles!”

My job change was effected immediately and marked the beginning of a larger shift for my ministry. I loved my time at Hillsong College – being part of training thousands of students to minister all over the world was a privilege and it was tough to leave. But through all the upheaval that followed, I had no doubt that God’s hand was directing my life. He is the one who speaks to us, guides us with his wisdom and reveals us things to come. He speaks to us in surprisingly creative ways. We just need to be listening.

But which of them has stood in the council of the Lord to see or to hear his word? Jeremiah 23:18

Has God ever spoken to you in a dream using the symbols of some sort of vehicle? We’d love to hear it in the comments below:

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