The Meaning of Vehicles in Dreams

Vehicles frequently appear in our dreams. They may be a car, train, bus, bicycle or some other mode of transport. But what do vehicles in dreams mean? As vehicles, they take us from one destination to another and therefore usually symbolize our job, career or some important pursuit. If a vehicle appears in your dream, Ask, what kind of vehicle is it? Are there others with you in the vehicle? How fast or slow is it moving? What condition is it in and importantly, who is driving it? Below an example of a God-dream where the symbol of a vehicle was key to understanding the meaning of the dream:

Meaning of Vehicles Dreams

How a Dream of a Bus Signalled a Job Change

The M2 motorway was its usual frantic pace that morning – cars backed up like dominos; sleepy drivers with dead-pan faces staring at the bumper bar in front of them. I smile at the queues, feeling twinges of guilty smugness as I speed freely past them in the opposite direction. It’s a long trip from inner Sydney to the Hills district, but I don’t mind. Driving to work gives me time to prepare myself for the day. It’s the beginning of a new year and I have much to think about.

Your job is about to change. I say to myself over and over, processing it like a slow eater savouring a meal. Your. job. is. about. to. change.

I’ve been working as the Academic Dean at Hillsong College for nearly four years now. Weekly lectures, course design and myriads of paperwork consume my days. It is hard to imagine anything different. The race had been on to keep up with the burgeoning student numbers and I had loved the challenge. But lately things were settling around me and I could sense the itch of change.

My mind replays the short, but vivid dream I had just after Christmas. I had seen myself travelling on a bus. I had fallen asleep and when I woke up, I was on a train. We had changed vehicles. 

I know the dream is from God. It had that clarity and distinctiveness peculiar to God-given dreams. This one needed interpretation as so many dreams do, but the interpretation wasn’t difficult. Vehicles move you along in life, so they often symbolise careers, jobs or ministries. In the dream, there’d been a change from a bus to a train. Realisation dawned in the morning light.

My job was about to change.

A Change in Vehicles

It takes little time to find a car-park when I arrive at the campus 45 minutes later – most staff are still on holidays. On my desk are remnants of the previous year; a few stray assignments; some old timetables and forms. I check my diary. College is out for two more weeks. I love this time of the year: plenty of time for catch-up coffees and getting odd jobs done. My day is a quiet one: meeting-free apart from an appointment with my boss at 3pm.

My boss’s office next to mine is familiar to me as my lounge room at home after so many hours spent there drafting policies and discussing plans. That afternoon we sit at the large oval table, drinking coffee and chatting about the holidays. Eventually the conversation turns to the vision for the New Year. As part of our ongoing development, we are restructuring the College. My boss slides a sheet of paper across the table. Coloured boxes and arrows point in different directions across the page. A new organisational chart.

“We need to make changes to your role,” he says gently, touching his silvery beard with his thumb. “It’s a new stage in the life of our college and we need to prepare for it.”

We talk through the big picture. The details will become clearer as we go. I listen silently, looking into my coffee cup; finally digesting the information that I’ve been chewing on the previous few days.

Eventually he stands, signalling the meeting is over. He opens the office door for me and looks up briefly; “I don’t know; it’s like we were on a bus; but now we’ve changed vehicles!”

My job change was effected immediately and marked the beginning of a larger shift for my ministry. I loved my time at Hillsong College – being part of training thousands of students to minister all over the world was a privilege and it was tough to leave. But through all the upheaval that followed, I had no doubt that God’s hand was directing my life. He is the one who speaks to us, guides us with his wisdom and reveals us things to come. He speaks to us in surprisingly creative ways. We just need to be listening.

But which of them has stood in the council of the Lord to see or to hear his word? Jeremiah 23:18

Has God ever spoken to you in a dream using the symbols of some sort of vehicle? We’d love to hear it in the comments below:

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  • Juddav

    I had a dream last night, that I was riding a bicycle from my family house where I grew up. I dreamed that there were also a pickup truck or ”bakkie” (as we call it in Afrikaans). The vehicle were full of people & I started to ride the bicycle and dream we are going to the same destination. It was a gravel road as it is on a farm, the sand was not mud but it looks as if it were wet by water, but already drying up, making it a little difficult to ride the bicycle on. At first it seemed as if I could not get away, but I felt my legs are very strong and I paddled hard, and I realized that I am riding much faster then the vehicle & they never got near me, but in front of the road is a farm gate & I just thought that I hope it is open, so that the vehicle do not get close to me or overtakes me. But I woke up before I got to the gate & before the vehicle got near to me, as I never looked behind me.

  • Bryan Stgevenson

    Hi, my Dad is 97 and in his final earth days. I have been praying for Christ to reveal himself in a vision before he passes, as he has a base belief but I don’t think a personal one. Anyway, yesterday he was rambling as he is struggling to separate dreams from reality. However he was insistent that during that day he had been driving with a couple of other guys and had parked the car somewhere in the city. The fact he cant see, cant get out of bed etc did not get through to him. And he just wanted me to ‘take over the car’ and have it as he was no longer using it? Until I said I would look after it he would not settle. Any thoughts given this car analogy/vision you refer to here?

  • Michael Cockrell

    In my dream this morning as I was driving my car, the dashboard lights was flashing and coming on and off. Later it broke down. In the second part of the dream I was carrying several bags of groceries to the car. In my dream I realized that I weren’t able to put the items in car because of its condition. I stood there with bags in my hand not knowing what to do.

  • Zildjan Navarro

    Just today I dreamed of multiple bus accidents. These buses were so huge, their colors were just white and red. I tried to rescue some people from the accident while saying the name of Jesus. Just weird coz weeks ago I also dreamed of buses at the exact location where I had the dream about the accidents.

    • Hi Zildjan, thank you for sharing! Do you think the dreams were from God? As a ministry we are committed to working with you to help discern and understand what God is saying to you. No dream should be understood apart from its context as God always speaks to the situation of our lives. Here’s some steps to take to interpret your dream:…. This will be helpful to you too!… Blessings,

  • Larnie Apostol

    Hi Tania,

    A pleasant good day!

    I am born again Christian and received Jesus in my life as my personal Lord and Savior since 2012.

    I would to share my experience and I want to use the spritual gift from the Lord to glorify Him and to hear His voice clearly.

    Last 2015, when my grandmother died after my father I was wondering if they are both with the Lord. My mother’s friend who was a christian said that she prayed and shared Jesus to my father before he died. My grandmother I have shared Jesus to her but didn’t know if she heard me because she has a problem with her ears that time.

    I was not so sure and I am agitated that time if they are both with God. I was just a baby christian and I haven’t yet read the bible but I know that God speak in a dreams like Daniel, Joseph. So, I just pray and ask to God to speak in my dreams if my grandmother and father is with him.

    On the third day, I’ve dream where we are all in funeral of my father. In my dreams I saw coffin where my father lying on it. And I was talking with my mom and suddenly my mom told me to look at the back because my father woke up. Then I look at him with smile without fear and I asked him if he saw his mother with the Lord. I saw the bible he was holding and when he answred that my grandmother that they are together with the Lord. Then, I’m started to running around place while shouting and praising the Lord. Hallelijuh, Hallelijah! I just woke up because the lights directly to my face coming from the windows.

    At first I am afraid to share because they might judge me and I thinking also that I am still not yet surrender everything all my sins in the Lord. I am afraid this might be demonic dreams. But, I have decided to share to whom I am trusted and those who has matured in their faith in Christ Jesus. Actually, after that I have peace and I just put my faith in the Lord and I trust Him. For His thoughts in not my thought and His ways is not my ways. He is a sovereign GOD . He is all knowing and powerful.

    That’s the start, and then from 2015 I have started to become aware when I have had a dreams. I am afraid because most of my dream was dead but then, when those dreams has been manifest to my family and relatives. I’ve started to pray and ask God to help me to use the gift of dream, vision and prophecy. I do believe that every good and perfect gifts is come from the Lord. I am praying that I was able to hear is voice and speak his word in me if speaks on my dreams. I am also afraid to share with my congregation for I am afraid to be embarrased , but I am claiming that this gift through help Holy spirit to help me to use for the glory of God and let his words speak to me.

    By the way, lately I have had a dream about the train. In the event there are 3 lanes and there are people who was waiting for each lane of the train. I was with my friend that I asked which train we’ll ride on. And then while waiting, I brought the a ticket, the price was 5 but I don’t have that amount so I decided to brought 10 so I can use to return. When I received the ticket, I saw written in the ticket that there’s a gift voucher which is not really but i remembered said God gift voucher which is says that we can extend and use it until next year 2019. I and my friend was amazed and happy that God give us a give. Actually, my friend is recently got her Job for she’s been looking for two months already.

    And last night, I have had a dreams against that I saw a luxury car with a young lady ride on it. I didn’t ride on it though I was ask to ride. But, I told her and invited her to play badminton..I don’t remember the rest. But. it was clear the luxury car , black and like lamborghini styel..that’s it.

    Hope that you will be able to read this message. Thank you and God Bless!

  • Darlene Smith

    I had a 18 wheeler truck come and the woman in the truck I recognize. She had on yellow dress also was waving at me with a smile. Asking me this:”You look like you need a ride. She began to back the truck and Tsunami of water came. I saw the water coming as she back but the truck consume the water like nothing. It was amazing . I was just standing there in amazement. Can you answer this.

    • Hi Darlene, thank you for sharing some of your story. As a ministry, we are committed to working with you to help discern and understand what God is saying to you. No dream should be understood apart from its context as God always speaks to the situation of our lives. Here’s some steps to take to interpret your dream:… Blessings!

  • Rechie Tacgos Ybañez

    In my dream i’ve been chased by vehicles and some vehicles bumping to each other trying to catch me running away and I heared a voice says ” You can only ask to God”, what
    does this means….

    • Hi Rechie, thank you for sharing some of your story. As a ministry, we are committed to working with you to help discern and understand what God is saying to you. No dream should be understood apart from its context as God always speaks to the situation of our lives. Here’s some steps to take to interpret your dream:… Blessings!

  • mankgona malepe

    good morning 5days ago my husband dreamed he was in his car with me he was driving doesnt know where we were going and he saw a bus full of babies from new born to 3months and the bus was taking them to school in the bus was a white man standing in bus passage he could also see in the bus a former colleague with his wife and they also had a baby with them the wife was rested her head on his husband’s shaved chest end of the dream last night i dreamed my husband driving a car but a different one from the one he has in real the car is not new the color not sure bluewish/greyish he started driving it and i took over and drove for a short while and he took over again saying he was going somewhere because he needed to speak to someone or a friend i stood behind people were surprised to see his car because it was new to them they only knew the toyota corolla that he drives in the dream i didnt know what make of the new car. another point is the car’s steering wheel was brownish and looked old and partly torned up

    • Hi Mankgona – thank you for sharing some of your story. As a ministry, we are committed to working with you to help discern and understand what God is saying to you. No dream should be understood apart from its context as God always speaks to the situation of our lives. Here’s some steps to take to interpret your dream:… Blessings!

  • Ruthie Vase

    In my dream I was driving a large luxurious Black SUV. I put it into reverse to come out of a parking lot And it jerked with lots of power! I quickly gained control by stepping on the brake again! I slowly eased off the brake and the vehicle slowly and smoothly came out of the parking lot unto the street. And I I drove to the corner and turn right at the stop sign and I was then on the street driving smoothly and in control headed for the airport😃

  • sabastian

    can u please tell me what this means.
    i saw a girl driving a car,,like i was behind her (not in)
    i was thinkin like how did she bought this car its an expensive car and she is so young
    i saw one detail in the car (diamonds on the dashboard)
    soon i discovered it was an rolls royce ghost red diamond(only 1 in the world)
    what i never did see before..and it was made for an royal family

    what does this dream mean? (this dashboardi saw wood with diamonds on it (diamonds in dream where a lil bigger)

  • Madhu S

    Hi a hindu but God visited me and i searched for a true God finally i found Jesus is the only one..nd i life is goin well eventhou ther was some probs..pains…but im movin by faith….actually God speaks me tru dreams evrytime God gave lot of dreams…now im planning to serve God..nd begin a ministry…but some strongholds r stoppin evrytime…so at this movment recently i got a dream…like…I WAS DRIVING A BIKE(a normal 2 wheeler motor cycle) ITS LOOKIN SOO GOOD SOO PERFECT AND IM DRIVING IT IN A GOOD SPEED WITH PEACFULLY. So im askin God to tell the mean of it…soo plss i hope u can interpret it..waitin for ur reply.

    • Hi Madhu – thank you for sharing some of your story. As a ministry, we are committed to working with you to help discern and understand what God is saying to you. No dream should be understood apart from its context as God always speaks to the situation of our lives. Here’s some steps to take to interpret your dream: Blessings!

  • Nsf Jacky

    in my dream I was driving a big bus, new and white I was alone in the bus, arrived at the intersection of the roads, I saw a policeman (who was not in uniform) I stopped (it took time to press the brake), I wend down and checked behind and I noticed that I was going to hit the person who was following me (or the person was about to hit me), i excused my self and immediately changed vehicle and I took a small and old minibus (like the one which transport people in Africa), I drove (I can’t remember where I was going) for some time and came back from the place where I left the bus, I noticed it was gone. what do you think about this?

    • Hi Nsf, thank you for sharing your dream! Sounds like it is worth looking into – perhaps a warning about the “vehicle” you’re travelling in right now. No dream can really be fully understood without an understanding of your personal context. Here’s a short guide for helping you interpret your own dream: I encourage you to have a look at it and then pray about your dream in light of what is happening in your life right now.

  • Angie Cox

    I’m currently in Israel. I normally dream prophetically, and since being here the dreams have been more frequent. This one I’m hoping to have insight on interpretation:

    I dreamed that upon my return home, the associate pastor of my church greeted me with a light blue older car (boxy sedan, probably from the 90’s). He told me it was his old car and wanted to give it to me, full-well knowing that my current vehicle is nicer, newer, larger. In the dream, I told him I didn’t need a car because I already had mine which worked perfectly well. He stated that he knew this, but felt like he should give me this car anyway.

    What are your thoughts and/or interpretation?

  • Pamela Rhoten

    i dreamed i was in a white utility van with my childhood sweetheart..he was sitting in the driver’s seat and gazing at a family photo he held in his hand..he was weeping silently…i went near to him and cried out,”Why won’t you talk to me about your deceased sister?” My heart was aching to see him suffer. When i awoke i knew he was the Son of God, Yeshua Messiah and the sister was the jewish people of the tribe of Judah. I believe the white van was Torah. Im an israelite…not of Judah.

  • Jacob PJ

    Two days back I had a dream about driving a car. Two months back a Prophetess had given a word that a “new car” which I had desired would be received by me as a reward for being faithful to the Lord in giving.

    • sabastian

      did you get the car?