(01) If God Said it, Will it Always Happen?

(01) If God Said it, Will it Always Happen?

If God said it, will it always happen? If I’ve received a promise from God, does that mean it will come to pass?

I remember asking myself that question during my Bible College studies. I came across a journal article with the heading: ‘When Prophecy Failed…’ To be honest, it freaked me out. The author discussed a scenario in biblical history when a prophet delivered a word from God, but then it didn’t happen, so the people re-interpreted the word to suit the new circumstances.

I sat there amongst the lofty bookshelves of the theological library, scouring the article and feeling increasingly sick.

The idea went against everything I’d been taught. Wasn’t THE Word of God ‘living and active’? Powerful like a sword and purging like a fire, ‘smashing rocks to pieces’, speaking the universe into being and bringing life to the dead? Didn’t the word of the Lord never return void but always fulfill what it had been sent for? How could this be?!

Could God’s word fail? What did it mean for God to be sovereign? When God speaks, is that a guarantee that it will always happen?

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Biblical references mentioned in this episode:

  • 1 Samuel 9:16ff
  • 1 Samuel 15:11,23,29
  • Numbers 23:19

Resources referred to in this episode:

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