(010) What to Do When God Speaks: An Interview with Ps. Melinda Dwight

(010) What to Do When God Speaks: An Interview with Ps. Melinda Dwight

Our response to God’s voice is critical – both in terms of the consequences of our decision-making as well as our ongoing conversations with God.

In today’s podcast I would love to introduce you to the person who taught me what to do when God speaks. Ps. Melinda Dwight is a pioneer and a visionary – raiser of leaders, personal mentor and the first woman to be a state executive member in the Australian Christian Churches. Currently she is the National Director of Alpha Australia. But apart from all those wonderful achievements, Melinda knows how to hear God’s voice. In this interview, hear how listening to God took her to the prisons of Nigeria and into the offices of the influential. Hear how when we listen to God, he can open doors no-one can shut, how faithfulness in the little things prepares us for the bigger things and ultimately, how blessing comes when we have the courage to believe what God says.

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