Hearing God in dreams and visions

(026) Why God Speaks in Dreams and Visions

When God spoke to Joseph about his future destiny as a great leader, he waited until he was sleeping. When God spoke to the Apostle Peter about his strategy for building the church, he put Peter in a trance. When God answered Paul about which direction to go next on his missionary journey, he chose to answer in a dream.

Why would God speak to us in the night and not the day? Why wait until we are sleeping? 

In this podcast, we explore some of the answers to these questions. You’ll learn how dreams can be used to get difficult messages through, how dreams make God’s voice accessible to everybody regardless of their personality type and how dreams and visions reveal God’s masterful creativity and his incredible heart to communicate.

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The Awaken Your Dreams 3-part CD Series will equip you how to recognise God’s voice in dreams and visions. Learn how dreams are God’s most common mode of communication, how to understand the language of dreams and how to recognise if a dream is from God!

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