(027) Hearing God in the Global Chaos

Global Chaos - Where is God?

(027) Hearing God in the Global Chaos

2015 has been another year of global chaos and turmoil. From terror attacks in Paris and Beirut, drowned toddlers washed up on the Turkish coast, a devastating earthquake in Nepal, and the Syrian crisis spilling millions of desperate refugees into Europe, we’ve faced a constant stream of tragic and disturbing news.

As Christians, how do we respond when we hear the nightly news? How do we relate from the positions of our comfy lounge-room chairs when we hear about the latest deadly attack? Most of us are not politicians, international diplomats or war strategists. We are just fellow humans who cry out to God when we hear the stories. So what is God saying to us in the midst of global chaos?

Just before Christmas, I spoke with John Peachey from Rhema’s Mornings Show in New Zealand. In this podcast, we talk about some of these important issues by looking at what God has already said. The first century church faced threats of persecution in their day not by terrorists, but by a brutal Roman empire. God’s words came then in the form of a series of symbolic visions via the Apostle John – a message that is still relevant to us in our time. You may never read the book of Revelation in the same way! Our conversation also brings it back to the state of our own hearts and what our response should be, even in the relative safety of the West. We pray it brings you hope and inspiration as well as some tangible strategies to how to respond when you hear the latest news. Here’s Hearing God’s voice in the Global Chaos!

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What has your response been the turmoil in our world today? We’d love to hear your thoughts here:

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