(034) God Knows Your Password with Prof. Mark Cartledge

What does prophecy look like in the contemporary church? How do we handle the fact that we can get it wrong when we try to hear from God? And what could God possibly be saying to someone when he gives her a vision of a yellow peacock? In this episode of God Conversations with Tania Harris, I’m excited to be talking to Professor Mark Cartledge, a British scholar who pioneered in the field of practical theology by looking at how contemporary prophecy functions in the Church of England.

God Knows Your Password - Mark Cartledge

What I love about Mark is not only is he a very smart man, but he is also a practitioner who has been involved in local church life for over 25 years. He’s a worship leader and preacher as well as a theologian and a lecturer. It’s a winning combination!

In this podcast we talk about:

  • How God knows our passwords – God speaks through the preached Scriptures but he also speaks specifically into the details of our lives.
  • What Mark discovered in his pioneering research and how common it was for followers of Jesus to just “know things” they wouldn’t ordinarily know
  • The need for humility in our God Conversations. How there should be a general reticence towards using the words: “God said” and more commonly preferring the words; “I believe the Lord is saying this.”

Listen to (034) God Knows Your Password:

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Mark Cartledge is both a scholar and an anglican priest. He is currently a Professor of Practical Theology in the US and is ordained in the Church of England (UK) for over twenty-five years’. He has worked in parish ministry, overseas theological education in an Anglican seminary in Nigeria as well as campus ministry in the UK (Universities of Liverpool and Durham). He has also taught in seminary (Durham) and secular University departments (Lampeter and Birmingham). During this time he has remained active in ordained ministry at parish level and regularly leads worship, preaches and participates in congregational life.

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