Dreams and Visions in Africa with Anna Droll

(045) Dreams and Visions in Africa with Anna Droll

If you have a God-dream in the African church, no-one thinks you’re unusual. Hearing God’s voice in dreams is common in this part of the world. Some churches even have a resident dream interpreter who offers counsel to congregation members! What can we learn from the African church where Christianity is growing at a rapid rate and where hearing the voice of the Spirit in dreams is a regular occurrence?

On the show this week, we’re talking to a friend of mine and a fellow PhD student, Anna Droll. Anna is an ordained minister with the American Assemblies of God and founder of Kairos Global Missions. Her ministry is focused in Africa and she is an adjunct professor at Southeastern University and Northwest University. She is also a woman who is passionate about prayer and healing, has a heart of compassion for everyone she meets and offers some profound insights into this interesting and important area of spirituality.

In this podcast, we talk about:

  • Anna’s spiritual journey and how she ended up studying dreams and visions in Africa.
  • Why dreams and visions are more accepted in Africa than in the Western church.
  • What we can learn from Anna’s studies and from the church in Africa.
  • plus some great stories including how a God-dream led a former drug addict to help others find freedom.



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