(049) Marriage, Miracles and Mistakes: Hearing God’s Voice with Craig Keener

Dr Craig Keener tells the story of his wife to be. He and his wife met in seminary, but he confesses he was a bit slow on the uptake… Medine waited years for the love of her life. During that time, God encouraged her not to give up through prophetic words from three different people: “You’ll marry a white man with a large ministry” they said. At the time, none of them knew the details of her situation. Today Craig and Medine are a happily married couple who can testify to the power of God’s word in bringing them together.

But not all stories end this way. Although there are plenty of miraculous stories of God speaking, there are also plenty of not-so-great stories too…  A person hears God speaking about marriage and filters it through their own emotions. God speaks randomly through Scripture verses, but it distorts the original meaning of the text. How do we avoid the mistakes and pitfalls of hearing God’s voice and instead, position ourselves to experience the same kind of miracles we see in the New Testament?

Meet Craig Keener

In this episode, we talk to Dr. Craig Keener. Craig is a professor of New Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary. He is an incredible academic and teacher and is known worldwide for his work as a New Testament scholar. His award-winning commentary on the New Testament has sold over half a million copies. In addition, he’s authored another twenty books – works on hermeneutics, miracles, the historical Jesus, commentaries on Acts and Romans, Corinthians, the Gospel of John, five of which have won awards in Christianity Today. He has has taught in various countries at pastors and scholarly events as well as a diverse range of theological institutions.

Craig is not only a careful and brilliant academic, but he “walks the talk” with many God conversations of his own to share. Tania met Craig and his beautiful wife Medine at the Society for Pentecostal Studies Annual conference in Tennessee USA, where they talked about marriage, miracles and mistakes hearing God’s voice. This man brings a wealth of wisdom, sensitivity and depth to our topic. Enjoy!

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