(05) When God Tells You to Move with Ps Bjorn Schaefer

God tells you to move from one country to another. Pack up your home, leave a secure job, uproot your family. How would you know if it was God?


In this podcast, the dynamic and innovative Pastor Björn Schäfer shares the story of how God called him to leave his homeland of Germany and become the leader of the ICF College based in Zürich, Switzerland, where he oversees branches of the College in a growing network all over Europe. His story demonstrates God’s heart to guide us as well as providing wisdom for those who are seeking direction.

Pastor Björn SchäferFacing a crossroads in some area of life? Whether it’s a career move, relationship guidance or another area of your personal world, stay tuned for the next podcast that will help you! – “Is God’s will a narrow path or a 6-lane freeway?”

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Your Thoughts

Has God ever told you to make a radical move? How did you know it was him? Leave a comment below.


Episode Resources

Teaching Message: How Do I Know it’s God? CD or MP3


  • Claire Cowen

    Listened to Bjorn, GREAT testimony of God leading.. such a fun and humble man! 

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