(050) No, God is Not all You Need: What to Do When You’re Lonely

(050) No, God is Not all You Need: What to Do When You’re Lonely

Loneliness has become the plague of the modern world. Even though our widespread telecommunication systems and sophisticated transport networks make us more connected than ever before, we’re also lonelier than we’ve ever been. Recent sociological studies show that the levels of loneliness in Western urban society today are unprecedented. Last year, the British Parliament even created a new position for a “Minister for Loneliness”!

Sometimes people think that if you know the God who speaks back, you shouldn’t be lonely. If God is a God of love, surely he would fill every need? Sadly that’s just not true. We need people. God created us to be in relationship with others. Our heavenly father is not in the doorway to greet you at the end of the day. Jesus does not wrap his arms around you in a bear hug when you’ve just received the worst news of your life. Even though his presence is always with us, the Holy Spirit cannot take you literally by the elbow and escort you to that event you fear. God himself said, it’s not good for people to be alone (Genesis 2:18).

In this episode, we’re talking today about what to do when you’re lonely. We’re looking at some of the theology that needs to shape our thinking and the God-given need for intimacy we all share. We’ll look at how God uses people to be his hands and feet, and what practical things we can do in those times of loneliness that are inevitable as we go through the seasons of life.

Listen below:

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