(054) “Jesus Spoke to me in a Dream.” Does God Speak to those who don’t know him?

We know that God is able to speak to us by his Spirit, but does God speak to those who don’t know him? You may have heard the incredible stories coming out of the Middle East where Jesus has been reported to be appearing to Muslims in dreams. Thousands of lives have been transformed as a result. Some missiologists say that around ¼-⅓ of Christians in the Middle East follow Jesus today because they’ve seen him in a dream or vision. But does that happen in other parts of the world as well? Does God speak to non-Christians everywhere?

This episode was recorded live at two “Awaken Your Dreams” events that were hosted by a local church for the community in New Zealand. Both events were sellouts! On the podcast, we share some of the testimonies that came from the events, as well as some of the biblical precedents for God speaking in dreams to those who don’t know him. A quick overview of church history reveals a God who is ever reaching out to people, speaking to them in whatever ways he will be heard. Attending to the dreams of others not only provides insights into what is going on subconsciously in their lives, but opens up the opportunity to see where God may be speaking to them.



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