(055) Growing Pains – How God Speaks to Change us from the Inside Out

If I were to ask you, what was the one thing that was stopping you from being successful in your life, what would you say? Often we point to some sort of obstacle in our circumstances – a lack of money, a bad job or a poor turn of luck. But the truth is, the things in our lives that most thwart our progress are the obstacles inside of us. When we change us, we change our world.

On this episode, we’re talking about “Growing Pains” – how God speaks to us to change us from the inside out. When we choose to listen to the voice of God, he will call us to grow and change. God starts from the outside in. He calls us to become more like him. And as we do, we will become more fully ourselves. 

Unfortunately that process isn’t easy. The greatest obstacles to our success lie within ourselves – feelings of inadequacy, a love of comfort and fears of failure. These are the growing pains each one of us will experience as God speaks and calls us to grow. 

But there’s also greater pain that comes when we ignore what he is saying to us. It’s the pain of no growth at all. 

On the show, we talk about how God leads us to grow and the process he takes us through. We encourage you to respond to what the Spirit is speaking to you about as you listen. When we follow his lead, we will see how he changes us from the inside out. The result will be the success and empowerment we all long for.

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