(056) How to Deal with Nightmares

Nightmares are common to us all. By definition, they are vivid and frightening dreams that have no resolution. You may see yourself being attacked by a fiendish character or find yourself in a death-defying situation. The experience can feel so real that your body has a physical reaction to it and you wake up sweating and traumatised. When children experience nightmares, they often dream about monsters or ghosts. Sometimes nightmares are recurring and cause serious problems with your sleep health. That’s why it’s important we talk about them. 

In this episode of God Conversations with Tania Harris, we talk about where nightmares come from and how to deal with them. We know that God can often speak in dreams, but it’s important to distinguish God-dreams from nightmares. Knowing where they come from helps to determine the most appropriate response. We discuss three possible sources:

  1. Nightmares from God
  2. Nightmares from the Spirit Realm
  3. Nightmares from ourselves

In the podcast we look at a number of different real life scenarios to illustrate how to deal with each type of nightmare. A nightmare from God may be a warning that calls for preventative action. A nightmare that originates in the Spirit realm apart from God will call for prayer. A nightmare that comes from ourselves will require personal reflection and counselling. This podcast will help you understand the nature of nightmares and how best to respond to them in your own life.

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