(059) What God is Saying during the COVID Pandemic with Vicki Simpson

“This is a season of divine paradox. It looks like everything is ‘Stop, stop!’ but in God everything is ‘Start, start.’” (Ps. Vicki Simpson)

What is God saying in the midst of this pandemic? It’s been nearly six months since we first heard about the Coronavirus. But during times like these – disasters, big world events our thoughts turn to heaven. God what are you doing? We know that God is not the cause of the pandemic, but we also know God is brilliant at using difficult times like these for his purposes. 

On the show we talk to someone who is well-qualified to know what God is saying. Vicki Simpson is an Aussie-Italian prophet, from Sydney, Australia. She is an ordained minister with the C3 movement and is nationally and internationally recognised as a dynamic prophet and preacher who brings breakthrough and releases faith wherever she goes. Sought after by ministers in local churches and conferences across the globe, Vicki also consults in her capacity as a prophet with church leadership teams, businesses and boards.

We talk about:

  • Vicki’s story and how she was called into her current ministry
  • What a prophet is and how they operate in the church of today
  • What God is saying personally and corporately to the church during this pandemic.

You can find out more about Vicki’s ministry here.

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Photo by Anna Shvets

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