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(061) A Conversation with God about Disappointment

“The root of disappointment is misplaced expectations. The question is, what should our expectations of God be?” – Lynn Moresi

What does God promise when we sign up to follow Jesus? I still remember as a young woman dreaming of the future. We had such expectations for “greatness.” God was going to give us the desires of our heart. He was going to make all our dreams come to pass. The future was guaranteed and it was bright. But, then the future hit and it was full of disappointment. Death, sickness, loss, divorce. We felt attacked, let down and betrayed. Did God fail us? Or was our disappointment due to misplaced expectations about what God had promised in the first place?

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On the show this week, Rev Dr Lynn Moresi from Melbourne Australia joins me to talk about disappointment and what God is saying in the midst of it. Lynn is a preacher, prophet, lecturer and someone who knows how to hear God’s voice. She is also a biblical scholar who has experienced all the joys and disappointments of life and has thought about these questions for a long time.

We talk about:

  • Lynn’s journey hearing from God and some of the God conversations that have defined her life and ministry
  • Why we are often disappointed by the challenges of life and how they begin with misguided expectations
  • The “abundant life” (John 10:10) Jesus promised and what it actually means. We compare the meaning of “success” in our current culture compared to the meaning of success in God’s kingdom.
  • Some great advice for those who are going through a time of disappointment.

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Dr. Lynn Moresi is a popular itinerate minister and bible college lecturer with a prophetic edge that opens ministry moments in people’s lives. Lynn has the unique ability to combine strong biblical teaching with relevant personal stories that ensure her messages are always challenging and engaging. Her meetings are characterized by fun, laughter and a deep awareness of God’s presence where people are encouraged to engage personally with the Spirit. She is based out of CityLife Church where she pioneered the “School of Ministry” internship program, and travels regularly to teach and minister in seminaries and churches both here in Australia and overseas. She is married and has two adult children.

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