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(066) How to Understand Your Dreams – Zoran Paunovich

In a dream, a man saw a vision of Jesus. To his surprise, Jesus gave him a “Liverpool kiss” (a head-butt in English football terms!) The dream led him to make a decision to follow Jesus. But how does a dream about a head-butting Jesus result in someone becoming a Christian?

Dreams and visions are the most common form of God-conversation in the Bible, but they’re the one we know least about. Dreams are often full of weird and wonderful scenes and symbols. How do we know when they’re from God? And then, how do we know what they mean?

Zoran PaunovichOn this episode, we talk to Ps Zoran Paunovich, a well-known Australian church leader who has been teaching on the topic of dreams and visions for over 30 years. Zoran has also been involved in a wide range of ministries, including youth work and Bible College lecturing. He is currently the senior pastor of New Life Chapel in Victoria, Australia. 

This episode will help you understand your dreams and recognise God’s voice in them. It will also explain why a dream of a head-butting Jesus could change your life… Listen to hear more about:

  • Zoran’s personal journey into hearing God in dreams and visions. Zoran shares a fascinating experience of how God answered his question about relocating to another city. God’s answer came in the form of a dream with three men dressed in suits conversing around the dinner table!
  • Why Christians are often skeptical of hearing God in dreams and visions.
  • The power of picture language and why God might use visual imagery and symbols.
  • Zoran’s advice for those who say they can’t hear from God in dreams.
  • The key to understanding symbols and how they are tailored to the individual. 
  • How dreams reflect the God who incarnated himself in Jesus who walked and talked among us.

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The story of Elisha and his servant Gehazi is found in 2 Kings 6:8-20.

Herman Riffel’s book, Dreams, God’s Neglected Gift mentioned in the podcast is no longer available. An updated version, Dream Interpretation: A Biblical Understanding is recommended and available here.

Zoran’s book, In Your Dreams – both hard copy and e-version – is available here.

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  • Nigel Wittwer
    Posted at 17:20h, 25 November

    Great interview Tania >> I really enjoyed tuning in to the conversation > Stimulating.

    So good >> I have been thinking and reflecting on the two Dreams shared > So personal and creative > I Loved it > The Liverpool Kiss makes me laugh when i think of it.

    Thanks again Tania and Zoran for an excellent conversation.

    The pictures that you put with each podcast i enjoy >> the pictures like the one above really add to the podcast.

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