(068) Hearing God outside the Four Walls of Church – Ps. David Balestri

“Listen to the Holy Spirit” is not the usual advice you hear at a business seminar. Yet this is the approach pastor and business consultant David Balestri takes every time he goes into an appointment. It’s a practice he’s also applied to his own career with great success. On one occasion, God told him to say just one word to address the lack of productivity at a company who was struggling to meet its targets – work performance increased so much that David was tasked with rewriting the training manual!

When we think about hearing God’s voice, we often think about the times when we’re sitting in a church or singing worship on a Sunday. But God can speak to us anywhere at any time. So what happens when we hear God’s voice outside of church – when we’re going about our everyday activities during the week?

On this episode, Tania talks with David, a man who has one foot in the church and another in the business world. He is a nationally recognised prophet with 20 years of ministry and works as the Executive Pastor of Hope Unlimited Church on the Central Coast in NSW, Australia. David is also a “marketplace minister” and heads up several businesses with his wife Nicole.

This episode is full of incredible God conversations! Tania and David talk about:

  • David’s spiritual journey – how he came to God through his Mormon girlfriend, the unwavering prayers and clever intervention of his mother and when he read the bible story of the woman caught in adultery. 
  • Am I a pastor or a business person? – how David reconciled a call to church ministry and a call to the business world by breaking down the unhelpful divisions we make between sacred and secular spaces. 
  • David redefines sacred space as “anywhere God is.” This understanding effects how we live, and how we speak! (No “Christianese” here)
  • How the Holy Spirit helps David advise CEOs! 
  • The reason why God initially asked David not to coach Christians in business, and how leaders described David as a “futurist” and a man who “knows things about people.”
  • Some great advice about hearing God for others outside the four walls of the church.
  • David’s thoughts on a person who had a dream about the stock market and made a lot of money as result. Is this Holy Spirit insider trading?!

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David is a recognised prophet and works with senior pastors, networks and denominations in building functional prophetic architecture and strategies for the extension of the kingdom in the context of local church, territorial and national expressions. He sits on the national leadership of the Australian Prophetic Council and travels extensively around the globe as an advocate for the apostolic and prophetic ministry. 

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  • Nigel Wittwer
    Posted at 23:55h, 11 April

    Great Interview Tania

    Love the Questions you ask and the comments that you make.

    Interesting that God’s direction to David in one situation was simply to ‘Love’ by Thanking the workers and other principles he mentioned like honouring and hearing the people.

    I wonder how Rebekah ( secretary ) felt about the prophecies about her after she had calmed down from feeling angry…..

    What a fantastic final true story of redeeming the concentration camps into life centres >> That is so like God to do something like that.

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