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(076) God Conversations with the Supreme Artist – Bruce Robbo Robertson

If God truly is the Creator, that makes him the supreme artist. We’ve all enjoyed the beauty of a world that never ceases to amaze and delight. But if God sent his Spirit to fill us and speak to us, what does that mean for human creativity? How does having God’s creative Spirit make a difference in our lives?

On this episode, we’re talking all things Holy Spirit and creativity. Our guest Ps. Bruce (Robbo) Robertson is a unique combination of pastor, prophet and a creative! After many productive years in youth ministry and a variety of church leadership roles, he is currently serving as a pastor at Hope Unlimited Church (Hope UC) in the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

In the podcast, we talk about:

  • The creativity of God!

“God the most dynamic, creative being imaginable. All our creative urges derive from God. We call God the “Ancient of Days”, but God is not old. God is ever present and infinitively beyond our capacity for imagination. We must not reduce the communicative side of God into our very small condensed, ritualised world.”

  • The link between hearing God’s voice, creativity and the diverse ways God speaks
  • How God speaks through the beauty and diversity of creation.

“The whole universe resonates with the incredible sound of God’s creativity. This utterly creative God wants to communicate to us and speak through us. What an incredible privilege. We mustn’t dumb that down. We cannot miss the beauty of what God is like!”

  • Bruce’s story from agnostic to Jesus-follower and how God has brought out his creativity. His spiritual journey led him to become a musician, then a script writer, advertising agent and a minister. He even wrote his first song after learning the guitar for two weeks! Bruce shares how his divinely inspired creativity has flowed in both the church and the corporate world through media and advertising.
  • What it means to be an artist “for God’s sake” rather than for its own sake.
  • The role of vulnerability in creativity. To create something new is to risk rejection and mockery as it leads us into the unknown.
  • The role of creativity in mission.

“We’ve become so boring as churches that we’ve sometimes lost our capacity to communicate what God is really like. We are too mundane, too monotone. Yet none of those words would be used to describe God!”

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About Ps. Bruce (Robbo) Robinson

Bruce Robertson Headshot

Robbo is a unique combination of pastor, prophet and a creative! He has been involved in in youth ministry and several church leadership in a long and productive ministry career. Currently, he is a pastor at Hope Unlimited Church in the Central Coast of New South Wales. He and his wife Kate function as part of the leadership team with emphasis on the teaching and prophetic ministries of the church and leadership coaching across Hope UC’s campuses. 

Bruce is a writer and creator of a whole range of media. For several years, he headed up the Church Media Association in the Hunter region, and produced a range of media including community TV ads and press articles. Bruce also has a passion for mission and consults to the Hope Global Board on mission projects and the delivery of community aid and church planting.

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  • Nigel Wittwer
    Posted at 22:52h, 02 May

    Yes. ! How Creative how incredibly Creative God is !!! 💥⚡

    O that Jesus would shine through broken vessels in a way that others can Appreciate.🔥

    Tania you are so creative,,,the way you think ! is creative. >>>> The interesting way that you Teach and write books grabs the listeners attention ( the recent teaching on TBN UK was great ) >> So impressed with the imaginative and thoughtful way that the DVD series was done ” the Other Side of the Conversation” 💥

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