(08) Are Women Better at Hearing God’s Voice? A Conversation with Ps Peter Wallis

Men are better at parking cars and reading maps. Women are better at communication and intuition. The prevailing research shows that our gender differences are related to neurological processes in the brain.

So if women are naturally better at communicating, does this effect their ability to hear God’s voice? Why is it that more women are on prayer-teams than men, why do more women attend God Conversations seminars and why is this area sometimes viewed as a ‘women’s topic’?

Yet it’s the men in the Bible who are most regularly seen hearing from God. At least these are the stories that are recorded. The experience of Manoah and his wife is an exceptional one. In this story found in Judges 13, we see the woman receiving direction from God and her husband Manoah not having the slightest idea what is going on!

The promise given to us was that both sons AND daughters would prophesy and have dreams and visions (Acts 2:17). The goal is both men and women communicating directly with Almighty God. It’s not a good scenario when only one gender is hearing from God!

So what’s going on here?

Here are some thoughts from our discussion:

  1. Perhaps an emphasis on the ‘alpha male’ makes it counter-cultural for men to ask and listen for God’s help.
  2. Hunger and desire is necessary for both genders to hear from God.
  3. God tailors his message to the personality and experience of the listener, regardless of whether they are male or female.
  4. Women may be more suited to hearing God’s voice in dreams because these often include symbolic imagery that is more easily understood by someone who uses the creative processes of their brain.
  5. We need to de-spook the nature of hearing God’s voice.

Thank God the promise to hear him is given so that ALL people who receive the Holy Spirit!

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Your Thoughts

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