(09) How Often Should You Expect God to Speak to You?

(09) How Often Should You Expect God to Speak to You?

How often does God speak?

Is it a rare, one-off event that we look back on and reminisce over? Or is it a normal part of my everyday experience?

Some make it sound like God speaks every single day. God said this, God said that. He told me what to wear today. He said, I should do this and go there. It’s like God is saying something new every moment.

My immediate response is, I don’t think so.

Yet at times I’ve been surprised by just how much he speaks. There have been times when he’s spoken loudly and clearly and repeatedly. There’s a dream, a vision, a scripture, a sermon, a prophecy. It felt like it came when I really needed it. I would say to myself; I didn’t realise God would speak so often!

But then there would are times when he says nothing. Absolutely nothing. Hello? Are you there? Is it a bad line? Are we out of range? 

So how often does God speak? What’s ‘normal’? And therefore, what should our expectation be?


Today’s podcast brings some thoughts to this interesting question. Listen to discover how often God speaks may relate to when we had our last meal and whether it was KFC or a really good fillet of steak.

When your words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart’s delight, for I bear your name, O LORD God Almighty. (Jeremiah 15:16)

Your Thoughts

How often does God speak to you? How often would you like him to speak? We’d love to hear your from you! Leave a comment below:

Episode Resources

Biblical references in this episode:

  • Exodus 16:1-36
  • Matthew 4:4
  • Isaiah 55:1-2
  • Ezekiel 3:3
  • John 16:12
  • Jeremiah 15:16


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