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50 Days of God Conversations

Equip Your Church to Hear God’s Voice

The mark of the New Testament church is that everyone who chooses to follow Jesus receives the Holy Spirit and the ability the hear the voice of God for themselves (Acts 2:16,17). Although God speaks to each person individually, it is in the community and accountability of the church where we learn to recognise and respond to it. The fact that all have access to the Spirit makes it easier to recognise God’s voice. No longer is the experience of hearing from God is not relegated to the lone voice of an isolated prophet “crying out in the desert” as it was in the Old Covenant. God speaks to more than one person to confirm his messages, a process we see modelled by the early church (eg. Acts 10, Acts 15:28). This enables everyone to experience the power and creativity of the Spirit’s voice in ways that are pastorally safe and theologically on track. (Read: God “Told Him to Quit His Job and he went Bankrupt: Why You Need the Church to Hear God’s Voice).

Equipping your church to hear God’s voice involves not only teaching them about what the Scriptures say about hearing from God, but it also requires training them to talk about their experiences so that they can recognise and respond to them together. This also allows the hearing God experience to be placed in the centre of discipleship where it belongs. The 50 Days of God Conversations package inspires each person to believe for their own God conversations and trains them to discern them with those who know them best.

The package includes:

  • Small group materials including 8 teaching videos and study guides for use over 7 weeks (49 days + 1 launch day)
  • Launch event with visiting God Conversations speaker (optional)
  • Leadership training session (optional)
  • Promotional materials to encourage all your church members to get involved
  • Leadership support throughout the 50 days
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Not only did we see each group grow (everyone wants to hear the Lord more), but we also saw three new groups start!

Ps. Luke & Ps. Katherine Fletcher, Rivers Edge Church, Australia

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There has been a definite shift in our worship since the whole church has done God Conversations.

Ps. Hamish Thomson, Abundant Life Centre, New Zealand


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