50 Days of God Conversations

Equip Your Church to Hear God’s Voice

50 Days of God Conversations is a tool that equips everyone in your congregation to recognise and respond to the voice of the Spirit for themselves (Acts 2:16,17). The program is based on the conviction that the experience of hearing God lies at the centre of discipleship and belongs in the accountability and safety of the local church. The program includes a 7-week small-group video Bible study, leadership training, a launch day and special Sunday Service focus during the 50 days period.

Why 50 Days of God Conversations?

Although God speaks to each of us individually, it is in the community and accountability of the church that we learn to recognise and respond to it (Acts 15:28). Equipping everyone in your church to hear God’s voice requires clear biblical teaching as well as training in how to recognise and respond to the Spirit in conversation with others. This allows the hearing God experience to be placed in the centre of discipleship where it belongs.

The program is designed to be implemented over 50 days (7 weeks + launch day, or longer if your small groups meet fortnightly) to allow enough time for these shifts to occur. Language needs to develop, truths need to be processed, hearts require preparation and relational openness needs to form. After 50 days, your church culture will have started to develop in ways that will sustain the hearing God experience long after the God Conversations ministry is forgotten. Our ultimate goal is to see mature disciples following Jesus and partnering with him in his mission.

Positions the Spirit at the centre of discipleship

Focusses on the local church community

Addresses pastoral problems and pitfalls

The package includes:

  • Downloadable small-group materials: 7x (15-20 min) teaching videos and Study Guides (DVD also available)
  • Leaders Training Guide
  • Launch Services and Leadership Training Session with Rev Dr Tania Harris (optional)
  • Promotional materials for your church
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Watch a sample from Episode 2: What if I get it wrong?

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