Your seminar was clear, precise, without compromise :) Before I had not understood how to hear the voice of God, but with you it was clear and specific. I even got the CDs to be able to hear the teaching again. Through your ministry I am learning and discovering God as a father.

Christine, Paris

I’m really glad I heard your message today. It made me realize there were some other times God spoke to me that I hadn’t realized it was him.

Trevor, Sydney

I’m a new Christian and have been struggling with how to have faith in God and how to talk to him. Your words spoke right to my heart. Thank you for giving me the tools and the inspiration to get closer to God and understand what he has planned for me.

Ange, New Zealand

I have been listening to a God Conversations CD and it is awesome!! Thank you so much for taking me on this journey. I’ve interpreted some of my dreams recently and see them happening in my life. It’s real stuff!

Gina, Korea

Since learning to recognise God’s voice in my dreams, I have never felt so loved.

Nava, Sydney

We talked about The Other Side of the Conversation seminar all the way home. You presented it in such a clear, Biblically based way that made it easy for us to grab hold of. We know there is more to be obtained now!

Michelle, England

I found the Dreams seminar just awesome. I always thought I couldn’t hear God; now I realise I can!

David, Germany

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