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God is Not all You Need

When I was first asked to speak on the topic of singleness, I was reluctant: who wants to be the poster girl for that?! Then I realised just how few pastors and leaders talk about this area and given that singles now outnumber marrieds in both Australia and the US, it’s become a significant need both in the church and in wider society. My decision to speak openly and honestly on the topic has led in recent weeks to a spate of opportunities from radio and newspaper interviews, to lectures and ministry bookings – even a request for comment on the latest Australian season of The Bachelorette. Whether single, married, divorced or widowed, God’s heart for us is to pursue his purpose for our lives and our marital status never changes that.

However, there are some realities that need to be addressed in order for singles to live an emotionally healthy life – starting with the misplaced understanding that God is all we need… Watch here (Full interview coming soon!)


Singles, Stop Waiting, You Can Flourish Now

“I want a husband, but I don’t need one.” My chat with Emma Mullings from Sydney’s Hope 103.2 was honest and open as we discussed how to fulfil your purpose irrespective of your marriage status and some of the historical reasons for why women find that particularly hard to do.

Listen here!


The Bachelorette: Courtney is Not the Bad Guy

Commenting on the latest season of the Australian Bachelorette meant fessing up to a guilty pleasure! Here’s my thoughts on Georgia’s pursuit for love and how this popular reality TV show defines it in an article from Eternity News.

Read here!


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