Why We Don’t Do Online Dream Interpretations

Now and then we receive a request here at the website for a dream interpretation. We love it when people contact us for help. That’s why we’re here! The ministry of God Conversations is built on the vision of helping people to hear God’s voice and that includes the times when he speaks in symbolic dreams. At the same time however, we won’t interpret your dream for you. And there’s some good reasons why.

What We Won’t Do

Let me explain. Firstly, if we were to interpret your dream for you, it reinforces the idea that dream interpretation is a special gift reserved only for a few. Dream interpretation NOT a special gifting – in the same way that hearing from God is not a special gifting. There is no teaching in the New Testament that says the ability to interpret a dream requires a special anointing. Everyone can learn to hear from God and everyone can learn to understand the language he uses. That’s the whole point of the New Covenant! After Jesus left, he sent the Holy Spirit to ALL people – sons and daughters, young and old. Now we can all hear God’s voice through dreams and visions in the same way the Old Testament prophets did (Acts 2:16,17). When we say dream interpretation is a special gift, we are perpetuating the idea that you have to go to someone else to hear from God. We’re sending you back to Old Covenant ways. We do not wish to undermine the beauty and power of your inheritance in the Spirit by taking away the power of hearing God for yourself.

The second reason we won’t interpret your dream for you is that we won’t be fully able to discern what God might be saying through your dream without knowing the context of your life. Our God is deeply personal and speaks to us right where we are at. He answers our questions. He addresses our needs. That means you can only fully understand what God is saying to you NOW in light of the things he has been saying to you before. What’s more, God is a brilliant communicator and typically draws on symbols and images that have particular relevance to you (How the Language of Symbolism works in Dreams and Visions). Some symbols, of course, are generic (a red heart for example usually means love; a house typically refers to your life), but many are not. Some are particular to a given culture. Some are particular to your journey. What a symbol means to one person may have a very different meaning compared to someone else. It is very difficult to properly interpret a dream without knowing the person or their context. That means a stranger is not the best person to interpret your dream for you.

The last reason we won’t interpret your dream for you is that discernment and interpretation of your dream always happens best in your church community. This is the way God set it up and it’s the pattern that we see in Scripture (Acts 15:28). There are excellent reasons for this. Discernment is the process of sorting through the different voices we hear – whether our dream is from God, from the enemy – and most often – ourselves. We don’t always see and hear clearly (1 Cor. 14:3). Therefore, we need to test the spirits to see if what we’re hearing is from God (1 John 4:1). The best way to do this is with people who know us well – they are in a much better position to give an objective opinion against the backdrop of our personal history, mindset, history and desires. Close family and friends help us sort out the things that get in the way in the way of hearing from God. When it comes to hearing God’s voice, there’s safety in the community of God’s people. 

That’s why we won’t interpret your dream for you.

What We Will Do

However, we will do something for you! We will equip YOU to interpret your own dream. We will help you understand God’s messages for yourself. Dream language is just like any other language. We need to learn how the symbols work. But it’s not difficult. In fact, once you learn some simple concepts, you’ll realise the language of pictures and symbols is the most basic of all languages. And once you understand how God speaks, you’ll be equipped to hear God for yourself – that’s our goal here at God Conversations. All our resources are designed for that purpose. We’ve got a wide range of blogs, podcasts, books and teaching Cds/MP3s to help you! It may take a little longer from the outset, but you’ll soon realise how much better it is. God speaks powerfully through dreams and visions. His heart is to make his messages clear. At God Conversations, we’re committed to helping you recognise his voice and encouraging you to follow. 

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