The One Thing We Need to Hear God’s Voice

The One Thing We Need to Hear God’s Voice

With a ministry that aims to equip you to recognise God’s voice, I’m constantly asking what are the hindrances to hearing. If God is a talking God (and the Bible tells us he is!), what is stopping us from hearing his voice?

This is what I’ve found… If you’re wanting to hear God’s voice, this is a must-watch! Watch here:


Or read below:

The research is clear: women talk more than men. You probably didn’t need an expert to tell you that, but let me share some statistics with you. Some say that women speak around 8000 words each day while men speak about half that. Others say the ratio is more like women’s 20,000 words to men’s 7000. (I wonder how they counted!)

Most of us know that good communication is essential for any relationship. But it’s still hard for us to get it right. Women complain that men don’t talk enough… Men complain that women talk too much. Or perhaps you have a friend who does all the talking and never lets you get a word in. It’s not a good feeling… and it doesn’t make for a great relationship.

Usually when relating to God, we are the ones who are doing all the talking. I wonder how God feels about a one-sided conversation – or what that means for the quality of our relationship with him?

Yet I regularly hear people say: I wish God would speak to me more! I wish he would just write his words across the sky in neon lights – so I would know exactly what he’s saying. You may have even said that yourself!

The good news is that there is an answer to this complaint. In the ancient book of Job, we read something of God’s response: Why do you complain to him that he responds to no-one’s words? For God DOES speak —now one way, now another— though no-one perceive it. (Job 33:13-14) 

In other words, God is speaking to us, but we don’t recognize it. He is answering but we don’t notice. So the problem is not with God wanting to speak – it’s in his very nature to communicate. The problem is with us – needing to listen.

This excerpt is from The Other Side of the Conversation Series currently airing on Shine TV in New Zealand and available at Koorong (Aust), Manna bookstores (NZ) and at

Use this webisode as a conversation starter in your small groups or share your thoughts here.

READ: Job 33:13-14

CONNECT: Have you ever heard the voice of God?

THINK: How do you think a one-sided conversation impacts our relationship with God?

APPLY: What stops you from listening to God?

What does listening involve? Read more at A Lesson in Hearing God’s Voice from the Meerkat.

Let’s be great listeners this week!

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