(023) A Vision for the 21stC Christian Woman

A few years after starting God Conversations, God spoke to me about a second branch of ministry. Unlike equipping people to recognise God’s voice, this one was just for women. The vision of God Conversations for Women is to help women realise their God-given potential. The goal is to see God’s original plan when he cast both men and women in his image and commissioned them to steward the planet together (Genesis 1:26-27) fulfilled in the 21st century.

The question of what a 21st C woman looks like is not an easy one to answer. Once it was simple. Women’s roles in the home, church and community were all very clear. But the feminist movement has changed all that. The last 50-100 years have seen seismic shifts in Western society. Today women can vote and go to university. They can get a job and travel without their husbands. They can fly aeroplanes, join the army, preach sermons and rise to the position of Prime Minister. It wasn’t long ago that all these things were unthinkable.

But at the same time, these kinds of changes have deep repercussions for who we are as women. We hear the voices of the secular worlds; the community and the marketplace, but what is God asking of us? What does it mean to be a 21st C Christian woman?

We’re going to tackle some of those questions today in one of the most fun and interesting radio interviews I think I’ve ever done. It’s an interview with John Peachey, presenter of the Mornings Show in Rhema Radio NZ and it was done to mark the official launch of God Conversations for Women.

I encourage you to have a listen – even if you’re a man! John and I talk about:

  • How changes in women’s roles effects our men, like who does the asking on a date
  • Why some men (and some women) find it hard to accept women in leadership roles
  • What being a woman in leadership means for femininity
  • The role of the “pastors’ wife” today (and how to pastor a church if you’re not one)
  • How gender stereotypes can be both helpful and unhelpful
  • How God describes his vision for women in the 21st C (and what happens when you quote the Bible at God)
  • Some advice for young women
  • Why there’s so many great single women who can’t find a man and how not to put your life on hold while you ‘wait’!

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Your Thoughts

What do you think is on God’s heart for the 21st C Christian woman? We’d love to hear your thoughts below (and yes, men we’d love to hear from you too!)

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