(032) Hearing God in the Big Decisions

Hearing God about big decisions - Tania Harris God Conversations

(032) Hearing God in the Big Decisions

One of the most difficult times to hear God’s voice is when we’re in the throes of making a big decision. Shall I take this job, will I marry this person, or will we have children? Each of these decisions have life-changing consequences; they tug at our heartstrings and our emotions are deeply invested in the outcomes. That makes hearing God in these areas particularly fraught with difficulty – to the point where some say you shouldn’t even try to hear from God for them.

We’ve already looked at hearing God’s voice for marriage in episode 29 when we discussed some wisdom for hearing God’s voice for Mr and Mrs Right. But today we’re talking with someone who has heard God speak about two other highly sensitive areas: career and children.

Ps. Lisa Woods is the Senior pastor of Wheatland District Church in north West Victoria, along with her husband Dion. She has worked as a youth pastor, school chaplain in the local secondary school and local member of Yarriambiack Shire council, the youngest councillor to be elected to this position. She is an extraordinary woman of vision and passion who inspires all those around her to flourish. Today she is talking with us about hearing God speak about a job and a baby. I know you will enjoy her and learn from her story!

Lisa and Dion WoodsHearing God for a Job

We look at how God spoke to Lisa and her husband Dion about their role pastoring Wheatland District Church and how God worked to ensure they had no doubt about the decision they were making. Such is the power and beauty of the new covenant where more than one person is hearing from the Holy Spirit!

Hearing God for a Baby

How do we hear from God about the things we most want to hear? How do we avoid mistaking God’s voice for the voice of our own desires? Lisa gives some advice as she reflects on how God spoke to her and her husband about the thing they wanted most – a child.

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We’d love to hear from you. How has God helped you make the big decisions of life? How have you been able to distinguish between hearing God’s voice and the voice of your own desires? Leave a comment below:

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