(070) Hearing God: The Most Powerful Experience on Earth?

Hearing God’s voice may well be the most powerful experience on earth. Think about it. How was the earth created? It began with God speaking (Gen. 1:1). How are people healed? It is the word ‘sent forth’ that overcomes disease and death (Ps. 107:20; Mark 7:34; 9:25; John 11:43). How are people saved? It is made possible through the living Word, Jesus, who became flesh to atone for our sin (John 1:1). This is the pattern throughout the Scriptures. It all starts with God speaking!

This episode of the podcast is a special one. It’s the first in a three-part series that features readings from my newThe Church Who Hears God's Voice book, The Church who Hears God’s voice: equipping everyone to recognise and respond to the Spirit. It’s a little entree before you may choose to enjoy the main meal. In the episode, we learn about

  • A God-dream that saved a drought-stricken Australian farm
  • The power of hearing God’s voice in biblical history and,
  • The impact of “love energy”: what sociologists tell us about the power of hearing God’s voice in the contemporary church.

Hearing God is powerful because God’s words are powerful. The Scriptures present the experience of the revelatory Spirit as central to God’s plan. That truth calls us to listen to what the Spirit is saying to us.

Enjoyed the excerpt? Purchase the book here.

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