The Church who Hears God’s Voice

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After experiencing the transforming power of hearing God’s voice in her own life, speaker and founder of God Conversations, Rev Dr Tania Harris set out on a personal odyssey to unlock the questions theologians, clergy and Christians have debated for centuries: How does God speak? How do you know it’s God? And, what difference does it make in the church? As the central feature of the Spirit’s outpouring at Pentecost and the grand prize of the New Covenant, the prospect of universal access to the Spirit is a powerful idea as well as a risky one. History tells the terrible tales of abuses associated with the claim “God told me.” Theological and pastoral problems have plagued the experience since the time of the early church.

After hours of study, a PhD in practical theology and years traversing the globe and speaking to Christians of all persuasions, Dr Harris presents her ground-breaking research. Drawing on insights from theology, sociology and personal testimonies, she skilfully guides her readers across a challenging terrain to present a comprehensive theology and pastoral strategy for how all sectors of the Church can hear the Spirit’s voice for themselves. The Church who Hears God’s Voice will enable leaders and thinkers to safely and effectively lead their people into the powerful experience that was intended to be a normal part of every Christian’s life.

Published: Paternoster UK 2022

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“This book is holy ground.”
(Fergus Scarfe, GOD TV UK)

“The right balance between academic research, personal story, Biblical knowledge and practical how-to steps.”
(Ps Jackie Roese, The Marcella Project, US)

“Helps us reflect both theologically and practically, weaving together biblical truth with lived experience for an empowering and inspiring read.”
(Cathy Madvan, UK)

“If you’re a church leader seeking a fresh and engaging theological examination on the topic of God’s voice, coupled with real-life do’s and don’ts, this is the book for you. There is no book like this out there!”
(Ps Lindy Heung Shea, International Church Assembly, Hong Kong)

“The most comprehensive, satisfying and challenging book I have read on the relationship between prophetic revelations and the Bible.”
(Ps. Mike Breen, 3D Discipleship Movement)

“Will help many discover a more intimate and fruitful relationship with the God who speaks.”
(Paul and Becky Harcourt, New Wine, UK)

“I see this book becoming a classic.”
(Rev Dr John Snelgrove, Hong Kong)

“A game-changer.”
(Ps. Sarah Whittleson, Elim UK)

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