50 Days of God Conversations Licence

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50 Days of God Conversations is a tool that is designed to equip everyone in your congregation to recognise and respond to the voice of the Spirit for themselves. The program is based on the conviction that the experience of hearing God belong within the accountability and safety of the local church (Read more: Why 50 Days of God Conversations?). The package includes:

  • Small-group materials: 7x (15-20 min) teaching videos (DVD also available) and downloadable Study Guide (printed version also available)
  • Leaders Training Guide (eBook)
  • Promotional materials for your church
  • Discounted God Conversations Books and Resources
  • 1 hour Zoom consultation with Tania or GC Ministry Team member
  • Opportunity to book your Launch Services and Leadership Training Session with Rev Dr Tania Harris (optional)


How to Register Your Church

Purchase your 50 Days licence. You will receive an email with a unique coupon code that provides access to the course, the 50 Days Leaders Training Guide, a discount code for God Conversations books and resources and an invitation to a 1 hour Zoom consultation with Tania or a GC Ministry Team member.

If you would like to invite Tania Harris to conduct training with your leaders and launch 50 Days in your weekend services (by honorarium), make a booking enquiry.

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