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Dawn heard God’s Voice: It saved her Nieces from Sexual Abuse

Dawn was raised in a household where drugs and violence was the norm. She also suffered sexual abuse at the hands of her father.

When Dawn turned 30, she celebrated with friends at a pub, partying until 3am in the morning. There her cousin dared her to come church. Not one to shirk from a challenge, Dawn got up next morning and somehow made her way to church. On arriving, a woman felt to greet her with a hug. As Dawn tells it, it felt like God had wrapped his giant arms around her and there was a tingling from the top of her head flowing to the bottom of her feet. Dawn felt a tangible sense of God’s love. At that point, she made a decision to follow Jesus.

Two years later, God led Dawn to study at bible college. There she began to reflect on her journey growing up and the pain she had suffered throughout her childhood. Perhaps she should see a counsellor? As she prayed about it, the Holy Spirit said, “Save Sammy.” The message persisted over and over; “Save Sammy.”

Sammy was Dawn’s 11-year-old niece. Unbeknownst to Dawn, her father had begun grooming Sammy and Sammy’s older sister. After taking time to discern her experience with the counsellor, Dawn reported her father to the police. While this was a difficult decision for Dawn with deeply painful and personal consequences, it changed the trajectory of Sammy and her sister’s life. Dawn’s obedience to the voice of the Spirit meant that they were saved from the abhorrent abuse Dawn had endured at the hands of her father.

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